A Day in the Life 2019-Monday

As has become the tradition, I am about to embark on my version of the “Day in the Life” series done by Simple Homeschool. (Here are my past ones: 2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018) Soo….I usually do this post a week or two earlier in the month, but I decided to wait a bit this year due to Sims’s concussion.  Then, I totally forgot about it!

715: Wake up to a very quiet house.

730: Start breakfast and fold laundry.  Sims wakes up followed by Parks and Sawyer.  Everyone eats breakfast and does their morning chores.

815: Sims works on his puzzle and listens to an audio book (he has been working on puzzles to fill his time since he had his concussion).

830: 15 minutes clean up (yep, we are still doing it!.  The 15 minute clean up keeps our house going).

850: We sit in the sunroom and read our read aloud book.  Right now we are reading, “The Not So Great Depression” to go along with our finance/business math block.  We also go over what everyone needs to work on this morning.

930: Everyone separates into their areas.  Parks and I work on math and poetry.  Sims works on Reading Horizons and Chemistry,  Sawyer works on math and writing.

1130: Parks and Sims take the dog and their bikes out to the mountain bike trail behind our house and make a few runs.  Sawyer and I edit her paper that she is working on for writing class.

1215: Everyone makes lunch and I get a quick shower.


Lunch-fridge wide open.

1245: Back to work.  I work with Parks on more of his writing.  Sims is back to working on chemistry and Sawyer is working on Latin.

200:  Everyone heads off to hang out/do independent activities.  I prep dinner and walk up to the grocery store to get some items needed for dinner.  Sims works on his climbing wall (he is still building it).  Sawyer draws.  Parks does some chores to get some money before he and a friend head out on their bikes.


Sims working on his wall.

400: We head out for afternoon activities: music for Sawyer and Parks.  Climbing for Sims.  Sawyer joins him after music.

610: Parks and I got home.  I finished up dinner.  Parks and I sat to eat.


I really do not enjoy spending so much time in the car, but I do enjoy a nice sunset on my way home each evening.

720: Nick and I head out to pick up Sims and Sawyer.

815: Back home.  Nick, Sims and Sawyer eat dinner.  Parks rode his scooter in the driveway.

830: I just filled out my Daily Musings Journal from the Mountain Mermaid Studio and sat to type up my day.  I plan to start winding down for the evening which means getting the kids to shower, putting dishes away, and watching a show or reading my book.  See you tomorrow!



9 thoughts on “A Day in the Life 2019-Monday

    • LOL! Well on the flip side, I cannot imagine folding it at 1130 pm! 🙂
      And the reality of it is, that by the end of the week there were four loads of laundry in the laundry room still waiting to get folded. Some days, I am on it and other days I’m not. Now we get to spend some good family time this weekend catching up on folding! I hope you have a terrific weekend!

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  1. I hate laundry. Seems like it’s always there. It’s my shadow side…

    That is a lot of running. That’s where we’re at too. Gymnastics, volleyball, swim, piano, violin, Spanish in the afternoon/evening. I’ve started listening to youtube talks (just Google whatever has been on my mind–I should get podcasts lined up and stuff, but I’m not that tech-y or organized–and who knows what I’d like to learn about each day!) while I drive, when my kids aren’t in the car. When they’re in the car, I try to talk to them. 🙂 My oldest can drive now, but the winter roads are bad. And, plus, now that she CAN drive, she seems to like our company and wants us to drive her. I guess that’s a good thing… right!?

    We don’t even let our kids do a lot of extracurricular things, but even with each kid doing one sport and one fine arts thing, it keeps us running like you describe. But, man, I do love our kids! They’re neat people. I’m sure you think the same about yours!


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