Our Homeschool Day-Monday

I recently read a blog in which the mom wrote each evening about her day for one week in order for people to get an idea of how homeschooling works.  In my mind, I loved this idea.  I thought, “On a normal week, I will do this type of post.”  Well, there is no normal week so I decided to do it this week.  So here goes:


530:awake and head to yoga.

730 arrive home.  Two children are still asleep.  Sims is out walking th dog.

730-815: showers, breakfast, chores (kids feed the animals and empty the dishwasher)

8:15- Sims begins reading his book “Hero on a Bicycle.”  He can’t put it down because he is close to the end, so he read for awhile today.  Meanwhile, I take the next 15 minutes to print out math work for Sims and Sawyer.

830-Parks reads aloud “The Puppy Place” Book 1, while Sawyer works on her chores (she is our late riser).

850-Life of Fred Cats, Growing with Grammar, narration, copywork, math work on clocks with Parks.  Sawyer works on her math (multiplication book from Math Mammoth).  I assist as she needs assistance.

9:30 Sims begins a math lesson (Math Mammoth fractions 2 book) with me.  Sawyer begins her work on her owl unit study from Hands of a Child.

9:50 Mom and Parks head out to Parks’ 8 year old well check.  Sims and Sawyer remain home to complete spelling, grammar, and reading.

11:00 home. Continue Sims’ lesson on dividing with fractions while Sawyer is knitting.



11:30 Kids cook themselves lunch (macaroni and cheese with carrots) while I fold laundry.

1215-1245 Everyone comes together to read about Limestone, Sandstone, Coal and the effects of water on rocks from Charles Kovacs’ “Geology and Astronomy.”

1245 Everyone loads in the car to go to Latta Plantation for Parks’ Chemistry of Water class.

1-3 Latta Plantation- Geocaching, soccer and a short hike for the older two and Chemistry for Parks.

Hike at Latta

3-4 quick trip home to prep for the afternoon.

4-7 Sims at gymnastics

4-5 Parks works on identifying gems in his gem and rock collection in preparation for a presentation at Cub Scouts tonight on the floor at the gym.

Gem Collection

5-6 Sawyer at gymnastics while Parks eats dinner at the gym.

630 Parks to Cub Scouts

7 Sims, Sawyer and Mom to dinner and Target to pick up a few items for the week.

845 home and shower.  Mom cooking muffins for breakfast for the week and sitting down with a nice glass of wine.  Ahh… Good night!

Unfortunately, as I write this at 1025 I can still hear the kids moving around in their rooms.  This is VERY atypical for a Monday.  Hopefully, tomorrow is not a disaster of a day!

17 thoughts on “Our Homeschool Day-Monday

  1. I love reading other people’s home school days!! Yours motivates me to make more time for science. You are brave to do the “day in the life” posts so close to Christmas. 😉 I keep using Christmas as an excuse to knock off early and party everyday…


    • I enjoy reading about other people’s days as well! We are a very science oriented crew, and even more so right now. We do our science, history, social studies, extra classes in month long blocks. Thus, right now we are doing a geology block.
      Also, I cannot guarantee that this will be our typical week. I don’t think we have one. Something is always happening but that is what I want to show. School is a part of life and it happens all day long, not just while we are sitting at the table.


  2. I am enjoying these posts so much. It is great to see how everyone does this homeschooling thing 🙂 Where did you get the rock collection? We are about to start a rock/minerals/gems study over here.


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