Family Facts

1. We are a family of 5-two parents, two boys and one girl (boy, girl, boy).

2. Four of us are vegetarian (we keep trying to pull the fifth one over to the dark side but he hasn’t caved yet-it has been 20+ years so I am not sure how much pull we have anymore).

3.  Most of us are gluten-free.

4. We focus a lot on what we eat-sounds weird but it works for us.  The kids know what is healthy and not healthy.  They know they can eat just about anything as long as it is in moderation.  They have learned how to cook for themselves which is even neater.

5.  We try to live as environmentally friendly and simply as we can.  Some easy things we incorporate into our everyday lives include: recycling, composting our left overs,  using cloth napkins instead of paper towels, green cleaners (vinegar and water and baking soda), riding our bikes/walking when we can, living simply, little TV and electronics, awareness of water usage, attempt to buy as local and organic as possible, purchase with little packaging as possible.  

6.  We have way too many hobbies but they are a lot of fun.  We love to snow ski in the winter, water ski in the summer, float, kayak in the lake, bike, hike, hang out in the back yard, play sports and listen to music as a family.  Of course each of us has our own individual loves also but these are the things we do as a family.

7.  We are geeky parents with geeky kids and we love it that way.  When we go on vacation, we all learn things.  We learn from each other daily and from our mistakes daily.   We love learning about other cultures and traditions and learning even more.

8.  One of my favorite saying sums us up pretty well-we are like trees, always reaching heavenward but grounded in our roots.

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Love this crew!

9. 2 of us are dylexic, 3 are dysgraphic, 1 has dyscalcula.  One of us deals with extreme anxiety.  All of us are ADHD!


5 thoughts on “Family Facts

  1. Hey,
    Glad to visit you over here. We live about 20 minutes north of Asheville. When I saw your blog name “Lake Norman Prep” I was wondering if you were in NC. Small world.


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