A Day in the Life 2020-Monday

We are back at this time again-a day in the life series. I enjoy this series for many reasons. The two main reasons are 1. I enjoy seeing how our days have changed and 2. I enjoy reading about other people’s days. I have a feeling this week will be slightly boring as things are not too exciting around here lately-which is ok by me.  Last year’s post is here.

I woke up around 7 this morning to a nice cold house. Our heater went out yesterday so the house is a bit chilly which made getting out of bed a little tougher than usual.

The kids all began moving around 730 and everyone was in the kitchen by 815. At 820 we did our fifteen minute clean up- yep, we are back to it! By 9, Sims was in class on the computer and the rest of us were packing up for co-op.

While at co-op, Sims held down the fort as the heating guys came. He also had a math class online at 11. I assisted the health class this month at the co-op, so I worked on the props for the class. Today’s class was on nutrition. We had a nice spread of food for lunch.

After co-op, Sawyer and I headed home for a brief bit prior to an appointment with our naturopath. Parks went to skate with a friend on the greenway. Sims went to his personal trainer for his shoulder rehab.

After the appointment, Sims picked up Sawyer and headed to climbing practice. I went to my appointment with the naturopath. When I finished, I had a message from Sawyer saying that she didn’t feel well so I headed north to pick her up from the gym.

Once home, I started dinner. She laid in her bed and Parks was in his room. Dinner cooked. Three of us ate. Nick came home. Sims came home. They ate.


Around 815, Nick and I headed to the market for milk and eggs. Home by 845.

At 9, I jumped in a bath to warm up! Sims made cookies for the family and the night came to a close. Until morning. 🙂



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