A Day in the Life 2017-Monday

For the past few years, I have posted our activities each day for one week.  I try to keep the week around the same period of time each year.  You can find 2014/2015 here.  And you can find 2015/2016 here.  I am not sure what this week will look like due to the craziness that the rest of the month held.  (You can read about our last couple of week here.)  We definitely have changed some since last year. So here goes:

645 I wake up, shower and blog.  I planned our week last night so we are ready to go.

730 Parks is up, feeds the cats, and empties his part of dishwasher.

750 Sims and Sawyer are up.  We all eat breakfast and discuss our dinner situation.  I am struggling with getting good, healthy dinners for everyone, and I need some help.  Everyone came up with one meal that he or she can make this week.  Everyone scatters before we begin the day officially.

840 We begin our 15 minute clean up.

900 We meet in the sunroom to do our lessons.  Parks works on a map of our town (which I learn that he only thinks of our neighborhood and the neighborhood beside us as part of his town).  I read aloud a chapter from Striker Jones and we discuss the chapter as a group for Sawyer’s business math block.  We discussed events in the US during the 1950s and 1960s for Sims’ US history (this was nicely timed with MLK, Jr Day today).

1000 Everyone begins his or her independent work.  I work with each child individually on lessons that they need.  Parks and I worked on math.  Sawyer and I worked on business math.  Sims and I worked on his presentation for US history and more discussion on history.

1140 I go for a walk while the kids eat lunch and finish up their work.  By this time, Parks is done with his work and is riding his bike outside. but the other two are still finishing up math.

1230 I head to the city to take the dog to the vet and to pick up my curtains that are at the alterations shop.  The kids hang out.  Sims rode his bike to the lake house to fish with his friends.


215 I come home ravished.  I ate lunch.  Lucky for me, Nick is home too so we got to eat together.  🙂  After lunch, I started some laundry and put up the curtains.

305 I head back out to run an errand and to pick up Sims and his friend from the lake house.

405 I drive by the house to pick up the younger two and we all head to Mooresville (two towns north of us).  Here Parks and Sawyer take music lessons, and Sims climbs.

545 I meet Nick to drop off Parks, so that they can go to cub scouts tonight.  Sawyer and I head to dinner and then to climb for a bit.

800 We arrive home.  I cooked dinner for Sims and chatted with Parks.  Since all five of us are together, we sat and worked on our 2017 goals as a family.  By 910, we were all fried and exhausted.


915 Parks headed to bed.  Sawyer headed to get a shower.  Sims headed up to his room and I began this post.  I plan to head to bed here in a bit!  That was an exhausting day of driving.  This is close to my usual Monday except for the driving to the city at noon and the errand at 3.  I am not usually in the car nearly that much.




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