Why Homeschool?

In October 2011, we decided to homeschool our children.  It started with Sims.  His needs were not being met at school.  He is a bright kiddo who doesn’t learn by sitting in a classroom.  He needs to be able to see it, hear it and manipulate the information.  When he is able to apply information, he is amazing.  He can problem solve things and look at things in the world in a wonderful way.  Homeschooling has changed him.  He is a confident young man who amazes me daily.  He is kind and caring.  When I think about how the world is going so fast and that people do not notice others, I feel in my heart that he will be the change.  He sees when people need help and he takes the time to help.

Next came Sawyer.  She is my reader.  She did first grade at age 5.  We “held her back” (Montessori started her in kindy at age 4) when we moved schools from Montessori to traditional school, so she did first grade again.  She did well socially in first grade at the traditional school, but academically she was bored.  She also was not enjoying the traditional classroom (her only experience with school was Montessori and traditional was ALOT different from our family ways and her previous experience).  By December, Sawyer began homeschooling also.  She learns from reading and that is what she does.  She reads everything.  🙂  Homeschooling giver her the ability to excel in reading and writing and work on grade level in math.  She is noticing the world around her and learning daily about people.  She is an observor.  She is the one who always seems to notice when something has changed in our world such as the new family of blue birds that visit us each morning during breakfast.

Parks completed the second year in Montessori primary.  He joined us  for homeschooling in kindergarten.  He is an amazing kiddo with energy coming out his ears and an artistic imagination that takes him all over the world.  He picks up on everything being taught around him(even as he is swinging in the chair or climbing the ladder).  Ever since he was a wee little guy, he has had a difficult time controlling his emotions and his never-ending thoughts.  He thinks all the time.  It is amazing what he comes up with.  Homeschooling allows him to learn through art and to express his thoughts.  He is a verbal kiddo also.  He likes to talk about the world and what is going on around him and in his head.  (He gets this naturally.) As I watch the kids at the various events we attend, I realize how lucky we are that he can be at home and talk through his thoughts.  He would be asked to stay quiet and not question the world around him.

I have many people ask me, “So when are you going to put them back into school?”  In fact, I get this question almost daily.  When I think about how much homeschooling has allowed my children to grow into self-confident and happy kids, I have a difficult time answering that question.  Right now, I think homeschooling has benefitted each one of them in a different and unique way.  My original plan that homeschooling was mainly for one of them has changed.  I now see the many benefits for each of them and I look forward to the rest of ride-no matter how long or short it turns out to be.


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