July in Review

Another fun month!  This year, all of the kids ventured off to new experiences.  Sawyer went to UNCG for an art intensive program for high schoolers.  She worked with painting, clay on the wheel and printmaking.  She found a new love in print making (and I love her prints!).   Parks headed to Liberty University in Virginia for snowboarding camp (yes, you read that right.  Liberty Snowflex uses a carpet type material for people to ski and snowboard on).  Finally, Sims flew out to Colorado to climb in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.  In between all of the camps and big experiences, we still had some fun times hanging out at the lake, tubing down the river, and enjoying the butterflies (speaking of which, our first monarch of the season arrived this week).  Sawyer and Parks also did the Cranking Engines class where they learned about how to tear apart and rebuild a lawn mower engine.  Sims has also bee working as a counselor at the Lake Norman Community Sailing Center.


Monthly Wrap Up-Picture Post

June was full.  We started out the month at the beach to celebrate a 50th anniversary!  On the way home, we picked up a friend from the airport.  He and Sims hit the water and the climbing walls.  Then we had family in town for the week.  Mid June, we headed south to Birmingham, Alabama for the climbing divisional competition.  Such a great group of people in the climbing community.  We always have so much fun.  In addition to these fun activities, Sawyer completed driver’s education; Sims started working at the Lake Norman Community Sailing Center; Sims got his driver’s license; and Parks went to kayaking camp. Now-on to July! :). Happy Summer!