June in Review

June has come to an end.  Can it really be?  I feel like the month flew by and at the same time I feel that we accomplished quite a few activities.  We began the month finishing up our dragonfly research (more on that to come soon) and hosting a Crankin Engines Class (we hosted this class last year, as well.  I thought that a refresher would be a good idea since Sims is now mowing lawns for spending money).

Next, we had a new adventure-camp!  Sawyer headed up to the mountains of North Carolina to attend Rockbrook Camp for Girls.  We were both a bit nervous as this was her first time away from home without someone with her.  I knew that she would have a blast, but it is tough to let your kids go! 🙂  We dropped her off on the 11th and picked her up on the 22nd.  On the ride there, she was almost almost silent.  On the ride home, she talked nonstop.  I loved listening to her excitement.  She participated in weaving classes, pottery classes, horseback riding (English which was new to her-she rides Western at home), white water rafting, hiking, waterfall sliding, and more!  The activities were terrific to hear about, but her excitement about life and her confidence convinced me immediately how good this experience was for her.

While Sawyer was at camp, Parks and I headed to Raleigh for BMX camp at the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex.  He participated in a class there in the spring and enjoyed every minute of it, so we decided to head back for camp.  Many of the same kids attended the camp which made it nice.  It was hot, and I didn’t think that he would want to keep going each day.  I was completely wrong!  He jumped up each morning and was ready before I was.  He learned many new tricks and even tried out a pro scooter (he loved the scooter so much that he came home and started earning money to get his own).  Once we came home, we hit the lake.  Sims is thoroughly enjoying his boaters licence and driving us around.  He even gave Parks a lesson on driving the boat.

The month of June finished up with one more camp.  Sims and Nick headed to Camp Grimes for a week of scout camp.  Sims worked on his water sports, fire safety (we could have used that one a few years ago-ha), and Indian Lore merit badges.  He also learned a bit about plumbing as a water pipe burst while they were working on a trail.  While the big boys were at camp, the rest of us laid low.  We watched Wonder Woman (I highly recommend it!), played with friends, cleaned out cabinets, and hit the barn.

We finished the month up with a bang at the Rock the Lake concert where Parks and Sawyer both played with their bands.  This was Parks’ first time playing in front of an audience and he did amazing!  Sawyer has played in front of an audience a few times, but this was her best performance yet (another way I think camp helped her!).  Her confidence beamed, and she looked very comfortable up on the stage.  Hopefully, I will get pictures from the concert up soon.  Mine did not come out, so I am waiting on the professional pictures.  June kept us busy.  I wonder what July has in store!