Finding Winter-February 2023

As much of the United States is having crazy cold temperatures and lots of snow, NC is having the opposite this year. I feel this February has been one of the warmest in quite a while. I am definitely not complaining! In the past, February has been rough for me-homeschooling wise and emotionally. This year, February was good.

Sawyer is about mid-way through her classes. She is really enjoying all of them so far. She also finished up an art class on oil painting this month. In all of her art exploration, she never worked with oil paint until this year. Sawyer also made it to divisionals this year in climbing. We headed to Greenville, Sc for her to compete in her last bouldering competition as a high schooler!

Parks is also moving nicely through his classes-I was worried how we were going to get through so much work on a shortened year. I don’t know why I worried because so far it is going great. He is about 6 weeks away from completing his geometry class, 4 weeks from completing English, 6 weeks from completing geography and world history, and 4 weeks from going on his next big adventure to Canada! Parks also started learning how to work on his car. Evidently, jeeps are life big legos. He can change things out and find different parts pretty easily. He finished up his snowboarding season on the team, and will finish up the season with fun stuff.

Sims is about midway through his semester. He had quite an adventure this month as he and his roommates found out there was mold in their apartment (which explained why they were all three sick all the time). Thus, he has moved from airbnb to airbnb throughout the past 5 weeks. Parks actually got him to come home and climb a bit! It is funny how someone who lived to climb, now rarely climbs!

We also took our fist big family trip since 2020! In 2020 we headed to Utah to ski when the pandemic hit. We got there on a Wednesday and were driving across the country back home by Friday! Sawyer was accepted to CU Boulder, so we went to Colorado for a bit of fun and a college tour. When we left NC the temperature was about 65 degrees. Colorado was COLD and snowing! We spent the week snow mobile riding, tubing, and skiing. I really wanted to see a moose, but no luck. I guess I will need to go back! The college was beautiful and covered in snow!