Finding Passion- Sailing


Sailing has been around for my crew for many, many years.  Each child started going to a sailing camp when he/she was 8. Sawyer has let sailing go.  She did not love it.  Sims and Parks seriously love the sport.  They both started around age 8 and still sail.  They sail all-year-round!  Yep, even in the cold!



They both started on dinghies or small sailboats and have worked their way up to bigger boats.  Parks still likes the dinghies better and sticks to those.  Sims will sail the dinghies and has found a new love for keelboats.

I love watching both of them out on the water.  I am amazed by the confidence they each have while out in a boat.  There is so much more to sailing than getting into a boat and moving the rudder.  They have to set up the boats, read the wind and the weather, be aware of their competitors, know how to fix what they brake, know how to protest, know how to clean up, know how to care for sails, and so much more (in fact, Sims just informed me about how much math he uses when he plots points on a chart).  I look forward to watching them both grow in the sport!