Another Year Older- Sims turned 18!


if sailing was rekindled last year, then this year it was a blazing bonfire! 17 was the year of sailing for Sims which was awesome for an active kid during a pandemic. Sims is nonstop, all the time. The thought of sitting at home and quarantining-well actually, I do not think he even thought about it. In fact the week of his 17th birthday, Sims got to fly our neighbors small aircraft (I think he started the year off pretty well).

Then in May of last year, Sims headed to Boston to pick up a boat to sail. He learned a lot about one way streets and towing a trailer long distances. He had a blast.

In addition to playing and school, Sims grew immensely in his jobs this year. He took on several odd jobs repairing and cleaning people’s sail boats (he found that climbing and sailing work nicely together as he does not mind going up the mast for people). He also learned about boat brokering, hauling, and transporting throughout as the year as he worked with a company that sells sailboats in the area.

The other large part of Sims’s year was prepping for college. College applications and prepping for college tours/interviews, etc can be daunting for kids who do not have learning disabilities. Sims works with a dyslexic, dysgraphic and ADHD brain which made the task tough and time-consuming. Some how, he got through it all and did a terrific job with it too.

Next year, he plans to head south to Florida to go to school. Thus, another big part of his year was filled with road trips to check out the school.

I am not sure what Sims’s favorite part of being 17 was, but my guess is that he got to meet, sail and hang out with some amazing people.

Happy 18th Sims!