Another Year Older-Sawyer 15!!

Today Sawyer turns 15 years old!! I cherish every year with my kids (actually every moment) and this one was no different.  Sawyer, my little introvert, became quite the socialite this year.  She jumped at every chance to go on a hike, go hang with her friends, draw at the local coffee shop, jet ski, go climbing and well, you get the idea.  She got strong this year.  We had no idea how much strength she would get from the silks.  This transferred right over into her climbing.  Those muscles increased her confidence as she climbed this year.  Sawyer continues to be kind, fun, adventurous, creative and loving.  Happy Birthday, Sawyer!

Another Year Older-Teen!

Today is the day that I become the mom of all teenagers!  I am struggling with that thought and at the same time, I am so proud to be the mom to my three kids.  Parks turns 13 today.  I am struggling to put into words how much he has changed this year.  My child who struggled with being flexible, with focus, with making friends his own age and with being comfortable with who he is-has grown into himself-a confident, hard-working, outgoing, amazing human.  The past year was a year of hard work, and he killed it.  Over the last year, he stepped out of his comfort zone so many times including joining the snowboard team, jumping in at new skateparks and meeting people, meeting new people in the co-op, speaking up for things that he believes in and for those who aren’t able to speak up for themselves, and pushing himself to succeed at tasks that are tough for him.  Happy 13th birthday Parks!

Another Year Older

We had a special celebration on Monday, Sims’s 16th birthday!  He celebrated by going out on the jet ski in the cold, cold water-amazingly, that cold water never seems to deter him from playing- and heading to climbing practice.  Each year, I cannot believe how much he has matured and grown up.  I am seriously ready for it to slow down!  He had so many new adventures during his 15th year.  He got to climb in many new states on new types of rock.  He has made some great new friends.  He has been a terrific big brother.  He built his own climbing wall. He loves being on the water, outdoors, or on a rock wall! Happy Birthday Sims!

Another Year Older! Sawyer

We celebrate another birthday today-Sawyer’s 14th.  If I had to come up with a theme for her 13th year, it would be creativity.  She really found her creative side this year.  She has always been creative, but this past year she took it to a whole new level-singing, sewing, cake decorating, drawing, painting, and crafting.  She also hit some big goals this year.  She passed her lead climbing test, got her boater’s license, sang at several public venues and so much more.

Another Year Older

Parks celebrated his 12th birthday last week!  Only one more year until he is a teen (oh, my!).  What a year!  Over the past year, Parks learned how to snowboard, fell in love with sailing, learned many new tricks on his bike and scooter, learned how to skate board, became the poppy to a new puppy, played the drums for the town, entertained us for hours and hours, and really matured (I really don’t want to say grew up, but oh man has he.  He is no longer a little boy anymore).

Another Year Older

I have a difficult time believing it, but my little boy turned 15 last week.  He took driver’s education over spring break and will hopefully have his permit by summer.  During his 14th year, he has become quite the rock climber and sailor.  He loves his animals and the water and pretty much any adventure that you dare to put in front of him.  I look forward to seeing what this next year brings!

Birthday Celebrations-12

My little girl -maybe more like a young lady-turned 12 this past weekend.  She awoke to a “jelly belly cake”, aka parfait with jelly bellies and icing.

She then opened a few gifts and headed to the barn to visit her “old” horse.  We recently moved to a new barn and the horse that she used to ride was unable to come with us.  Sawyer misses Ed greatly.


We then hit a local sushi restaurant for lunch and got ready for the afternoon!  After a short rest at home, we headed to see the movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

Overall, I think that she had a pretty fun day!  Her official birthday present was a shopping trip to the mall.  Up until yesterday, Sawyer had never been shopping in a mall.  She found a couple of stores with some fun clothes that she liked.  I am 99% sure that she will want to go back.  LOL.