Weekly Wrap Up

Sims came home Sunday from climbing in Kentucky.  He said it was fantastic climbing but it was cold!  It even snowed a bit!  Quite a change from climbing in Austin.  He is learning quite a but about the different types of rock as well as he visits new places.

The kids hosted their international fair this week at their co-op.  Sawyer’s group represented Australia.  Sims’s group represented Ethiopia. Parks’s group represented Peru.  Germany and Korea were also represented.  The program went over amazingly well!  Each visitor received a sheet of paper with an industry that they represented-ie. solar energy, software company, industrial company, etc.  The visitors asked the kids questions about how their country would be able to help the specified industry/if the industry would be a good fit.  I was very impressed with the knowledge that the kids had.

Thursday night, Sawyer’s band played at a local brewery.  They did amazing!  I promise that I am not just saying that.  This was by far, their best performance yet.  Sawyer was a nervous wreck, but she worked through her fears and sang her heart out.

Friday, the kids introduced a few of their friends to their favorite sport (well, two of them love it).

We have a bit more to wrap up before the holiday as far as school goes, but other than that we are looking forward to a short break.



Weekly Wrap Up-With a Birthday

We had a big week this week!  A very big week.  We started off a little quiet as Nick and Sims were out of town.  Sims met up with a friend in Austin, Texas to climb for a couple of days.  Sawyer, Parks and I hung out at home.  After a late return home Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, Sims joined us for a co op field trip to the Urban Planning department in Charlotte, NC.  It was phenomenal!  Who knew that a field trip to an urban planning department would be fantastic?  They did an excellent job explaining how Charlotte developed from 1875 until now and provided the kids with an opportunity  to help with the 2040 vision planning for the city.  Wednesday, Sawyer completed her Boater’s Course and passed the test!  We have another certified boat operator! (Watch out Sims, she may actually want to take the boat out!) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning, Sims busted a move on his work so that he could head back out to climb some more.  This time in Kentucky.  Hopefully, I will have a few pictures next week.  We ended the week celebrating Parks’s birthday at the local go kart course.  He had a blast with his friends and Sawyer!

Weekly Wrap Up-The Halloween Version

Dressing up, candy, more dressing up, more candy, beautiful fall weather…that sums up the week.  😉

We did get some school work done-actually, a lot more school work than I expected with a holiday in the middle of the week.  I found a new version of Striker Jones for business math.  It is SOO much better!  The kids all researched charities and how the donations are collected, how the money is used, and all types of interesting information on marketing.  In 4H, the kids worked on building a typical dwelling seen in the country that they are each representing, and they learned some Spanish dancing/conversational Spanish.  It was a really fun day.

Sawyer has been on a creative streak lately.  This week she finished up her wings for her costume, up cycled a very large t shirt she got and did some drawing.

Weekly Wrap Up

We are midway through our first business math block.  We finished up our read aloud-The Year Money Grew on Trees.  We LOVED it!  Sawyer and Parks are also still working on the Pet Shop Math.  The last two times that we did business math, we used the Striker Jones book.  I felt that we needed a change, so I decided to use Whatever Happened to Penny Candy.  I heard terrific things about it, but the kids find it very dry.  It has been tough to get through, but we are trudging through at least for one more week.  Sims and Sawyer are also about a third of the way through Byline which is a writing curriculum that includes US history.  It is ALOT of writing each week, but so far they are both enjoying it.  In addition to their writing curriculum, the older two are also getting quite a bit of practice with writing lab reports for chemistry and physical science!  This week while the older were writing up their labs from last week, Parks learned about water displacement in his science class.

On the fun side of things this week, Sawyer made a sling for her coach’s baby kitty.  Everyone cooked up a storm this week (which is funny because cooking was the theme for Spanish class this week too).  Sims and I got a paddle in on Wednesday since there wan’t any wind for a sail.  Thursday, we gleaned eggplant and peppers.  Friday, Sawyer and I were invited by my brother to go see Hamilton!  It was an AMAZING show!


Weekly Wrap Up

Lots of school work this week!  And lots more to get through!

I am not sure why, but the output of work seems a lot higher this year.  This is neither good nor bad.  It just is.  More output requires more time inside and at home. That part is not my favorite.

This week we learned about money and its history.  We learned about inflation.  We are also almost through our first read aloud book, The Year Money Grew on Trees.  It is a terrific book to go along with finance, economics and business math.  The kids also made topography maps and color wheels in Spanish this week in 4H.

Sims gave me a lesson Wednesday afternoon on rigging and sailing a 420.  I had a blast.  I can’t wait to go again!  I am not sure if that was my favorite part of the week or getting back to the barn after several weeks of not going!

Friday, the younger two worked at home on their Simply Charlotte Mason Pet Shop math and finishing up their workplans while Sims and I headed down to Charlotte to finish up his educational testing.

As always, the weekend was full!  Boat cleaning, yard work, parties, concerts, sailing, and   some fun time to just hang out.

Weekly Wrap Up-The Windy Version

Monday started a new block-yay!  We were all hitting the end of our enthusiasm for civics.  This week, we started a business math/finance block.  We are splitting this into two blocks through the year.  4H also started a new block.  The kids are doing geography and Spanish in 4H.  Thursday, Hurricane Michael came our way bringing lots of rain and some crazy wind. After the storm, the sun shone beautifully.  We hit the lake for some sailing and paddle boarding.  Saturday, Parks had a regatta and a concert; Sims and Sawyer had a climbing competition.  Fun, full week!

Weekly Wrap Up-From Chaos to Clarity

You know those weeks that you dread?  You look at the calendar on Sunday and just want to run away?  Well, that is how our week looked on Sunday evening-but only because we were trying to sneak away for the end of the week.  In the end, it was almost a chill week.  LOL.  Monday, we hit the books because there was a possibility that we would be gone on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Tuesday, we were at classes all day, headed straight to Charlotte for a hematology appointment for the kids, home for ten minutes and then north to climbing practice.  We were all exhausted after Tuesday.  Wednesday our co-op headed out on a field trip and I bailed!  I do not usually do that, but we were all wiped out.  Thursday, Sims and I were supposed to be in Charlotte for testing, but it was canceled.  So we worked on school work, ran some errands, got the house ready to head out, and did our afternoon activities.  Thursday evening, Sims, Nick and I headed to Blowing Rock, NC.  The other two decided to stay home with the grandparents for the weekend.  Blowing Rock was beautiful!  The NC mountain weather is perfect this time of year.  Our crazy week ended up to be fun and relaxing.