Weekly Wrap Up

Week One in 2019!  Everyone got back to work this week, although it was slow.  Sims got a concussion over the break, so he can only work in small chunks and cannot use the computer (although, he tried to take his online geometry class).  He is listening to audiobooks and working on puzzles.  He is going a bit stir crazy since he cannot do much.  Sawyer presented her poetry this week in her language arts class which was fun to listen to and watch.  Parks presented this week as well.  He read his mystery paper.  Parks also started on a new math program since he finished up Life of Fred elementary series.  So far, it is going well.  All three kids started a new block in their co-op this week. Thus, they were sculpting and learning about finance.  We had an amazing week of weather here so we enjoyed that as well!


Holiday Wrap Up!

Well, we are winding down after a very busy holiday season here!  After the spiral, we had a couple days of clean up and some preparation for Christmas.  We decided not to get a tree this year but Sawyer was really bummed-so, Parks surprised her with a tree as her Christmas present.  She loved it.  We spent the next two weeks celebrating the holidays with friends ,playing games and completing Christmas presents.  Now we are gearing up to start back to school!

Weekly Wrap Up

As usual, it has been nuts around here.  School is winding down for the holiday break, which means that we are out of our rhythm.  No rhythm means increased stress for some in our crew.  In addition to the holidays, we also had snow!

Overall, we finished up “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and started a new book called, “Roses and Radicals.” (Personally, I am thinking this book is a must read for those of you with high schoolers doing US History this year.  It is pretty awesome.). Sims finished up his first semester of Geometry and is working through the break on note taking and more study skills as he moves into more advanced classes.  Sawyer is still working on Physical Science and writing through the break.  Parks is working on writing as well.

Sims also had the opportunity to go climbing this week at Rumbling Bald and Stone Mountain with some friends.


We also celebrated our winter spiral with several families and are now getting ready for the holidays!


It was beautiful!

Winter Spiral-2018

I thought that last year would be the end of the spiral; however, friends asked when I was hosting it.   Thus, I continued the “tradition.”  I love the spiral.  My kids can take it or leave-although, they always have fun.  We started celebrating with a winter spiral 4 years ago to celebrate the light in the world. Now, I feel that I am teaching how the kids not only how to find the light/good in situations/people, but also how to be the light and the good in situations/people.

As always, we started the night off with a walk down the drive lit up with luminaries.  We then lit the candles in the spiral, as I told the story of the Lantern Prince.  Next, we painted kindness rocks to place around the community.  We ended the night with some goodies to munch on and of course, a game of tag.

I hope your holiday season is starting off well.  Happy Winter Solstice!

Weekly Wrap-up x 2

I am not sure where the last two weeks went, but they went quickly.  Since Sawyer’s birthday on the 26th, we have been pretty busy.  Classes are trying to wrap up before the holidays, and I scheduled lots of doctor appointments during this time too.

As far as school stuff goes, we finished our latest book-“Bamboo People.”  Another great book that we read to go with many of our blocks this year, including Civics and Economics.  Now we are reading A Midsummer’s Night Dream before we go see the play next week.

We also managed to start decorating for the holidays.

We finished up the past two weeks with a climbing competition in Raleigh.

Weekly Wrap Up with Gratitude

Thanksgiving week typically flies by in a hurried frenzy.  However this year, we took a different route.  We kept it small and quiet.  Monday, the kids and I hit Latta Plantation (one of our favorite places) for a nice walk in the woods.  Tuesday, we hit the books before a drive down to Charlotte for an early Christmas surprise for my parents.  Wednesday, everyone went in separate directions-Sims went climbing at Pilot Mountain with some friends; Sawyer went to help with Thanksgiving set up at one of her friend’s grandmother’s house; and Parks had an impromptu s’mores party at the house.  Thursday, we spent at the lake house with just our immediate family giving thanks for all.

We ended the week celebrating Sawyer’s birthday by heading up to Asheville, NC.  She and a friend took a glass class at the NC Glass Center.  Sawyer loved her glass class last year and wanted to do something similar.  This time, they used the blow torches (I know that is not the technical term, but it is what they looked like) to make pendants and ice cycles.  Then we went to see the new Fantastic Beasts movie!

Weekly Wrap Up

Sims came home Sunday from climbing in Kentucky.  He said it was fantastic climbing but it was cold!  It even snowed a bit!  Quite a change from climbing in Austin.  He is learning quite a but about the different types of rock as well as he visits new places.

The kids hosted their international fair this week at their co-op.  Sawyer’s group represented Australia.  Sims’s group represented Ethiopia. Parks’s group represented Peru.  Germany and Korea were also represented.  The program went over amazingly well!  Each visitor received a sheet of paper with an industry that they represented-ie. solar energy, software company, industrial company, etc.  The visitors asked the kids questions about how their country would be able to help the specified industry/if the industry would be a good fit.  I was very impressed with the knowledge that the kids had.

Thursday night, Sawyer’s band played at a local brewery.  They did amazing!  I promise that I am not just saying that.  This was by far, their best performance yet.  Sawyer was a nervous wreck, but she worked through her fears and sang her heart out.

Friday, the kids introduced a few of their friends to their favorite sport (well, two of them love it).

We have a bit more to wrap up before the holiday as far as school goes, but other than that we are looking forward to a short break.