A Day in the Life 2020- Friday

The last day of the week. Yay! Overall, today was a pretty typical day. We all woke up, ate, and did our 15 minute clean up.

The kids jumped into their school work. When they finished their work, Sims and Sawyer went to move boats around. Sims took the ski boat up to get worked on.

We took the pups to the vet for an appointment. Then we had a bit of a movie marathon.

Sawyer needed to watch The Monuments Men for world history. Then we rented Harriet because we missed it in the theatre.

I hope you had a happy week. We are off to the weekend!

A Day in the Life 2020-Thursday

Today you will see why the kids did so much school work on Wednesday. We decided to take a last minute trip up to the mountains to ski today. We spoke about trying to make it happen earlier in the week but the weather didn’t look so great. Wednesday morning, the kids and decided that if the weather was ok that we would go to ski slope closer to home than the one we originally wanted to visit. Then it snowed and iced Wednesday night. I had to wait to see how the roads were in the morning. We waited until about 930 and decided to take the chance. The day was very foggy. Skiing was great. Other than a quick picnic lunch, we were on the slopes. In the way home, we saw an amazingly beautiful sunset!

A Day in the Life 2020- Wednesday

It’s Wednesday!  Another “Day in the Life” post!  Monday’s post is here.  Today was not too exciting (it seems like a theme this week-lol).

I woke up at 645 to the dog crying at my door.  I got up and took her for a walk.  When I got home, the kids were up and getting ready for the day.  Wednesday is another co-op day.  Today, however, Sawyer and Sims stayed home to get work done.  After our 15 minute clean-up, Parks and I headed to co-op while the other two sat down to do some school work.

Parks did independent work at the co-op in the morning.  Then the group did a yard clean-up for the American Legion in the afternoon.  I headed out for an appointment around 1145.  Sims picked up Parks for me from the co-op and they headed home.


Once we all got home, Sawyer was still doing school work.  Sims worked on his trunk for a bit (the handle broke) and tweaked his wake gate before he went out surfing.

At 430, I went to yoga with a friend.  Sawyer and Parks each had a friend come hang out for a bit.

Typically Sawyer has her art club on Wednesday nights.  This week, the art club was canceled.  However, we still went out.  When I returned home from yoga, Sims asked if we could all go get ice cream.  So, we all headed into town to get a sweet treat.

Once at home, we all settled in for the night.  🙂

A Day in the Life 2020-Tuesday

It is time for the annual Day in the Life series!  Monday’s post is here.  I think I was right yesterday when I said that this week might be boring. Today was pretty quiet.

I woke up at 645, meditated and went for a walk. The morning was beautiful.


I came home to a bustling house. Breakfast was in full swing. At 830, we all did 15 minute clean up. Then everyone went to their rooms to work except for Sims. The heat still wasn’t working so individual rooms were warmer. Sims started working on a new online class today so we learned how to navigate the class.

I spent the morning looking into ACT registration for homeschoolers and colleges.

Sims and Parks went to work with the tutor around 1230. Sawyer had an appointment at 2 that I took her to. Then we went to her pet sitting job and home.

This afternoon, Sims and Sawyer went to climbing. Parks went skateboarding. I worked in the yard.

We met some friends for dinner. Sims dropped Sawyer off at the restaurant and then headed home. Once home, Sims worked on his car. The rest of us strolled in around 9. Now we are all settling down for the evening. 🙂

Happy Tuesday.

A Day in the Life 2020-Monday

We are back at this time again-a day in the life series. I enjoy this series for many reasons. The two main reasons are 1. I enjoy seeing how our days have changed and 2. I enjoy reading about other people’s days. I have a feeling this week will be slightly boring as things are not too exciting around here lately-which is ok by me.  Last year’s post is here.

I woke up around 7 this morning to a nice cold house. Our heater went out yesterday so the house is a bit chilly which made getting out of bed a little tougher than usual.

The kids all began moving around 730 and everyone was in the kitchen by 815. At 820 we did our fifteen minute clean up- yep, we are back to it! By 9, Sims was in class on the computer and the rest of us were packing up for co-op.

While at co-op, Sims held down the fort as the heating guys came. He also had a math class online at 11. I assisted the health class this month at the co-op, so I worked on the props for the class. Today’s class was on nutrition. We had a nice spread of food for lunch.

After co-op, Sawyer and I headed home for a brief bit prior to an appointment with our naturopath. Parks went to skate with a friend on the greenway. Sims went to his personal trainer for his shoulder rehab.

After the appointment, Sims picked up Sawyer and headed to climbing practice. I went to my appointment with the naturopath. When I finished, I had a message from Sawyer saying that she didn’t feel well so I headed north to pick her up from the gym.

Once home, I started dinner. She laid in her bed and Parks was in his room. Dinner cooked. Three of us ate. Nick came home. Sims came home. They ate.


Around 815, Nick and I headed to the market for milk and eggs. Home by 845.

At 9, I jumped in a bath to warm up! Sims made cookies for the family and the night came to a close. Until morning. 🙂


January 2020

Time flies by when you are having fun and are busy!  Three teenagers keep me busier than I ever could imagine.  January was full.  We celebrated the holidays at the beginning of the month with our relatives.  We then jumped right back into school on the sixth.

Parks is in a period of transition this month.  He decided to work with a tutor one day a week because he does not enjoy being responsible to me for his work.  Ahh, the stages of growing up. :). The tutor has actually been a terrific motivator, and he is working hard.  She is boosting his self-confidence and it is noticeable in his work.  Parks finished up reading Robin Hood and started on The Outsiders.  He also finished up fractions and began working on decimals and percents in math.  So far, he is not enjoying this year in math.  Too many rules and “new ways” of doing things.  He also jumped into doing Latin word roots.  As far as self-directed work, he is learning how to build longboards.  He is over the moon excited about this project.  Hopefully, I will have a whole post on this soon.


Sawyer finished her biology course in December (well, almost.  She is doing a little more work on anatomy).  She really wanted to do marine biology this year.  Thus, she was motivated to work through biology in one semester.  She is really enjoying the marine biology class so far.  We were able to bring a few of the labs to co-op which was fun as well.  She read the Diary of Anne Frank this month which we used as a base for her language arts and her history.  She dove into WWII and went down many really interesting rabbit holes.  We have one more week to focus on WWII before we move on. Sawyer is loving her lyra hoop and learning to perfect some skills and to work on new ones.  She also went with Sims outdoor bouldering this month-her fist time bouldering outdoors!

Sims finished up his first semester of language arts focused on the book, Outliers.  This year he is taking five online classes.  The Outliers class pushed him in so many ways.  I saw him grow a lot in this class.  He is now doing a language arts class using Ted Talks, and he is LOVING it.  I look forward to the rest of this class.  He is at the midterm for Algebra II.  He found out that he still needs to work on prepping for tests as he cannot remember everything from the first week to now (again..the stages of growing up).  He is also still working through physics-which has been slowed down a bit as he is doing a fetal pig dissection at co-op.  In his free time, he has been doing a lot!  He is working with a personal trainer to strengthen his shoulder after he dislocated it at the end of last year. He is back to climbing in the gym and a bit outdoors.  He has also been living on the lake!  He is now a part of a new group of boats that are racing in a winter series.  He is loving it and learning a lot about keelboats and dingies.

Can you tell how busy it has been? January has been full!  And this doesn’t include co-op classes!  At co-op, the kids had a health class that focused on stress management and how you can use your vital signs as feedback for how you are feeling in different situations.  They have one more class in health next week.  Some kids in the co-op are dissecting a fetal pig.  Sawyer and Parks opted out of this, but Sawyer is completing the worksheets that go with each lab in order to complete her biology course.  The co-op also celebrated the Lunar New Year with a day of fun learning with three families who celebrate the new year every year.

Oh my, how did I forget!  We also spent time this month puppy sitting for our neighbor’s new puppy!  This may have been the highlight of the month!


Next week, I plan to do my “A Day in the Life” series with Simple Homeschool.  We will see if I am able to keep up.  LOL.

October in Review

What a full month! You know those times that fly by and at the same time seem to never end?  Well, that was October.  There were so many sides to October.  One part of October included the moving of our close friend.  We spent many days cherishing our time together and packing up their house.

Another part of October we spent working through the kinks of our new co-op.  The group is amazing and includes many new-to-homeschooling families.  We have spent a lot of time working with families to learn the ins and outs of homeschooling.  We have spent a lot of time working with the children on communication, working as a team, and deschooling.  In addition to this, I taught the high schoolers a Medical Investigations class.  The class turned out to be awesome.  It utilized the information that the kids learned in past anatomy and physiology classes and added new information.  The kids really enjoyed the class and surpassed my expectations.

Sims spent most of October working on a project about Elon Musk for his literature class, Algebra II and physics.  He also began ACT prep.  He has impressed me with his study skills and initiation this year.  He also applied to take an online dual enrollment class through Landmark College in the spring.

Sawyer finished up her book, The House of the Scorpion, and began a class on the Hero’s Journey.  She is also still working through biology and Algebra 1.  She quickly finished up her Halloween outfit right before the big day!

Parks finished up Medieval China and Africa.  He read Along the River and a book about Mansa Musa.  He also worked hard on a fractions unit.

For fun, Sims and Sawyer have been climbing both indoors and out.  Parks has learned some awesome new skills at the skatepark.  Parks, Sims and I have gotten out sailing a little bit.  We went apple picking in the mountains,  climbing in the piedmont (climbing competition), and dreamt of the warm waves at the beach,  🙂

Overall, it was an emotional month.  I dealt with quite a bit of anxiety this month.  The kids worked with me and my moments of high stress.  The month was busy and full.  Thankfully, we have one amazing village to help during these months!