A Day in the Life 2019-Friday

Last day of the week!  Whoot! Whoot!  If you are just now joining me, I document one week of every school year so that I can see how our weeks change from year to year.  It is also an amazing way to see how the days are going and if we need to tweak anything as we head into the second half of our school year.  If you want to read about the beginning of the week (or see past weeks), you can check out “A Day in the Life 2019-Monday” here.  Today was not very exciting and I didn’t have much energy to write in all of the details, but the main points are here.

Early morning due to a vet appointment with the kitties.

620: Up and at ’em.

720: Attempted and succeeded after some help to wrangle two cats into their respective carriers and headed two towns north to the vet.

800: Vet appointments.


900:  Sims and I got back home.  Everyone was up and ready to start the day so we started our fifteen minute clean up and then headed to the sunroom to read and discuss what everyone will work on today.

1015 Everyone split off to work on their independent work and I went among them to help as needed.  I mainly sat with Parks to help with his first big paper that he has coming up.

1145:Sims and I headed to Lowes to pick up some more boards for his climbing wall and then to clean the car.

100: Sawyer and I ran an errand.

200: I worked in the yard while Sawyer and Sims went to climb and Parks skate boarded in the driveway.

330: A couple of friends came over to play for a bit.

530: I went to pick up the kids from climbing.


Another week down!  I hope your week went well.


PS-My husband noted that he was concerned about me taking pictures while I was driving.  I typically have a passenger in the car with me who takes the photo so it is not me.  Although, I have to admit that one of the pics this week I did take from my car.  However, I only took the photo because the entire highway was completely stopped-I mean completely!  When I looked around trying to find the accident or construction, there wasn’t any, but there were lots of people looking at the sunset. 🙂


A Day in the Life 2019-Thursday

Finally a day without a class!

715: I woke up with the kids moving a few minutes after I did.  Breakfast, morning chores, and getting dressed.

840: 15 minute clean up.

900: Reading and discussion in the sunroom followed by individual work.  I worked with Parks a good but today while Sawyer worked on science, math and Latin.  Sims worked on Reading Horizons and chemistry.  Then he headed up to his room to finish up putting his new volume on his climbing wall.  Last night, he and his dad got the ceiling piece hung.

1140: Sawyer and I discussed her work.  Then I did some light cleaning and ate lunch followed by some work on the project I am presenting next week in co-op.

130: Sims headed to work with a tutor on his Geometry and chemistry.  Sawyer, Parks and I went to the dollar store to get a laser pointer to play with the kitties that they are pet sitting.  Then we went to check in on the kitties.


The joy of pet sitting!

245: I dropped off Sawyer and Parks and picked up Sims for another appointment .

400: Back home.  Picked up Parks to drop him off at a friend’s house.  Came back and picked up the older two for climbing.  Finally made it to the grocery store (Terri from the Homeschooling Doctor- I actually heard your voice today as I. was shopping.  We are in a tough spot right now and I am buying more “processed” food than I have ever bought!  I heard you saying, “Maybe your food is contributing to your tough spot.”  lol.  I know that I will get back to more whole foods as the spring comes closer and my kids leave the house and I have time…….)


Another beautiful sunset.  

615: Finally back home and prepping some meals with the new groceries!  Parks came in right after I pulled in.


A Day in the Life 2019-Wednesday

So another day out and about.  Wednesdays are our co-op day.  Thus, we are away from home for part of the day.

715: I awoke and the kids awoke right after me.  Everyone ate breakfast, took showers, and did morning chores.

845: We headed out for class.  The kids had sculpting and finance this morning.  While they were in their classes, I worked with a few other moms on the planning for the next block.  After the classes, the kids hung out for a few minutes before we headed home.

1245: We arrived home.  Everyone made lunch.  Sims prepped for his geometry class online.

200: Sawyer and I ran out to the library to replenish her books.  She reads A LOT!  We are so grateful for the library.


Picking out books

330: Parks, Sims and I headed to the park to play gaga ball with some kiddos.


Playing at the park

530: We came home.  Sims and Sawyer cooked dinner.


Breakfast for dinner!

600: We all ate dinner.  Then Nick and Sims headed up to Sims’s room to work on his climbing wall.  Then we all did our evening activities.


The boys at work!

Until tomorrow!


A Day in the Life 2019- Tuesday

A few changes that you will see from past years to this year include outside classes.  Today is an outside class day.  The Tuesday schedule alternates each week.  This week, Sawyer and Parks have class, and next week all three kids have class.

715: Wake up.  No one else is up yet.  Everyone starts moving around 730ish. Morning chores and breakfast.

830: We all came together to do our 15 minute clean up and then we head to the sunroom to read our book and prep for the day.

900: I jumped in the shower before we headed out while the kids all worked on some independent work.  When I got out, I helped as I was needed.

950: We jumped in the car to head out for class.

1030: Parks went to his writing class for an hour.

1140: Sawyer went to her writing class while Parks and I went to get lunch.

1230: Parks went into his science class while I sat with Sawyer as she ate lunch.

145: We headed home from classes and over to feed our friend’s cats.

315: We arrived home.  Sims had worked on Chemistry, Geometry, reading for history, Reading Horizons and built a volume for his climbing wall while we were gone.  At this time, everyone did their own thing for a bit.  One of them hit a wall (figuratively)and the whole afternoon dynamic changed.  Luckily, Nick was able to come home early and help out.

550: Three of us got in the car to go to practice and two stayed home. The two who stayed home, hung out and cooked dinner.

810:Practice was over and we went to get something to eat.  We got home at 9,  Watched a show and got ready for bed-dishes, showers, etc.

*not a typical day Tuesday for us.  Usually Tuesdays go fairly smoothly, but today there was a change in the schedule and change is tough for some people.  We have a family member who has a very difficult time with change and we are working very diligently as a family to work on strategies to help.



A Day in the Life 2019-Monday

As has become the tradition, I am about to embark on my version of the “Day in the Life” series done by Simple Homeschool. (Here are my past ones: 2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018) Soo….I usually do this post a week or two earlier in the month, but I decided to wait a bit this year due to Sims’s concussion.  Then, I totally forgot about it!

715: Wake up to a very quiet house.

730: Start breakfast and fold laundry.  Sims wakes up followed by Parks and Sawyer.  Everyone eats breakfast and does their morning chores.

815: Sims works on his puzzle and listens to an audio book (he has been working on puzzles to fill his time since he had his concussion).

830: 15 minutes clean up (yep, we are still doing it!.  The 15 minute clean up keeps our house going).

850: We sit in the sunroom and read our read aloud book.  Right now we are reading, “The Not So Great Depression” to go along with our finance/business math block.  We also go over what everyone needs to work on this morning.

930: Everyone separates into their areas.  Parks and I work on math and poetry.  Sims works on Reading Horizons and Chemistry,  Sawyer works on math and writing.

1130: Parks and Sims take the dog and their bikes out to the mountain bike trail behind our house and make a few runs.  Sawyer and I edit her paper that she is working on for writing class.

1215: Everyone makes lunch and I get a quick shower.


Lunch-fridge wide open.

1245: Back to work.  I work with Parks on more of his writing.  Sims is back to working on chemistry and Sawyer is working on Latin.

200:  Everyone heads off to hang out/do independent activities.  I prep dinner and walk up to the grocery store to get some items needed for dinner.  Sims works on his climbing wall (he is still building it).  Sawyer draws.  Parks does some chores to get some money before he and a friend head out on their bikes.


Sims working on his wall.

400: We head out for afternoon activities: music for Sawyer and Parks.  Climbing for Sims.  Sawyer joins him after music.

610: Parks and I got home.  I finished up dinner.  Parks and I sat to eat.


I really do not enjoy spending so much time in the car, but I do enjoy a nice sunset on my way home each evening.

720: Nick and I head out to pick up Sims and Sawyer.

815: Back home.  Nick, Sims and Sawyer eat dinner.  Parks rode his scooter in the driveway.

830: I just filled out my Daily Musings Journal from the Mountain Mermaid Studio and sat to type up my day.  I plan to start winding down for the evening which means getting the kids to shower, putting dishes away, and watching a show or reading my book.  See you tomorrow!


Day in the Life-Monday 2018

I find it hard to believe that it is that time of year, but it is!  This week I will join many other homeschooling bloggers in sharing our days.  I love reading about other people’s days over at Simple Homeschool.  2018 is the fourth year that I have documented our week.  You can check out 2015, 2016, and 2017 if you would like to see how our weeks have changed.

Today happens to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day;thus, Nick is home as well as several friends.  My day started off at 6:30 am, but the kids’ day started a bit later.  I awoke at 6:30, ate breakfast, and headed to work out.  I came back home at 825, and the house was silent!

I walked through the house and gently woke everyone.  We were out of town this past weekend, so everyone was pretty tired.  Over the next hour, everyone ate breakfast and did whatever they needed to.  At 930 we met for our fifteen minute clean up (during this time, we each have an area that we are responsible for each week-vacuuming, dusting, picking up, etc.).  Next we moved to the sunroom for our group work.  Right now, we are reading a book together.  We also discussed the importance of Martin Luther King Jr’s work and how it relates today.


At 1030, everyone heads to the kitchen to work on independent work.  I hang out at the table during this time and help as needed.  Everyone worked until around 1215 at which time we ate lunch, and Parks started baking some cookies.


At 1:00, Parks worked with a local college student on making paper.  (He is studying Ancient China), and Sawyer and I read her book aloud and worked on her history-China in the Middle Ages.


At 230, Sims worked in his room on projects and the other two kids met up with some kids from the neighborhood who were off from school today.


At 4:00, we hit the road for afternoon activities.  Sawyer and Parks went to music lessons.  Then Sawyer and Sims went to climbing practice.  I got a nice surprise tonight at the climbing gym-Nick came up to climb with me for a bit while the older two were at practice.  Parks just hung out at the gym until we went to get some dinner.  Then I headed back tot the gym to pick up Sims and Sawyer.


9:00. Home at last.  Now we are settling down for the night.  Sawyer is feeding the animals, and everyone is heading to their rooms for the evening.

A Day in the Life-Monday

I really enjoy participating in “A Day in the Life” series through Simple Homeschool (my posts are not on the site-however, every year the series runs and I post at the same time).  I also truly enjoy reading how different everyone’s days look.  I think that is one of the neatest parts of homeschooling.  People lump us all together, but not one household will look like another.

Last week, we began our 5th block.  Thus, we are in the second week of learning about Astronomy (Sims), Ancient Egypt (Sawyer) and Creation Stories (Parks).   Here we go!  A week in our life-one day at a time.( You can read about our Tuesday here.)

Sunday afternoon/evening, I prepped for the week by placing everyone’s work plans in their folders and putting the necessary information in each folder about chores, schedules and other work.

I woke up 6:30 and headed out to walk with my friends at the park (24 degrees-ouch!).

8:15 I arrived home to find Parks up stairs playing legos, Sims doing school work and Sawyer still asleep.  I called everyone together to eat breakfast.  Everyone came to the kitchen-except Sawyer who was having a VERY difficult time getting out of bed.

8:40 Sims went upstairs to read while Parks and I ate breakfast.  Sawyer got up and ready for the day.

9:00 This is our clean up time.  We set the timer for 15 minutes.  Each person has a designated area to clean including their bedroom.  After the clean-up, we met in the kitchen to begin the day with Logic of English.

9:40 One on one time with Parks to work on reading and the main lesson. Meanwhile, Sawyer ate breakfast and did morning chores while Sims worked on typing and math.

10:10 Sawyer read aloud and we worked one on one. Meanwhile, Parks worked on math and Sims continued to work on math.

1040: Sims read aloud and we discussed what he read.  Meanwhile, Sawyer worked on spelling and Latin, and Parks worked on independent work (I have no idea what he was doing but he was quiet).

11:05 I head to the shower and got ready to meet a friend for lunch.

11:25 I headed out and left the kids at home.  (This is not a normal activity for me.  Saturday, I ran into my husband’s cousin in town, and we decided to take some time to catch up.)  While I was away, the kids worked on a bridge model, ate lunch, and hung out with my dad who stopped by.

2:00 I returned home (OMG!  The time FLEW by!  My husband’s cousin and I had a TON in common and ALOT to discuss.)  We all headed outside to enjoy the sun, put up the trash cans and play with the kitties.

3:15 I came inside to work on my journal (FIRE journal by Lisa Sonora-I did this last January and really enjoyed it) while the kids came in to play for a few minutes before Sims headed out.

4:00  Sims was off to gymnastics.  Parks and I ran to Hobby Lobby for some clay to complete a project for his main lesson this morning and to the market to pick up groceries.  Sawyer hung out at home.

4:45 We got home and began fixing dinner.  Parks began working on his clay turtle for his main lesson. (I know this because when I ask what he is doing replies, “Nothing.  Don’t worry.  I have it all on top of a bucket.”  I don’t worry and continue to work on dinner with Sawyer.)

5-6 We watched The Ellen Show.  Mindless-I know.  We all LOVE it.  The show winds everyone down and makes all of us laugh.

6:00 Sawyer, Parks and I ate dinner.  Cleaned up the kitchen and various toys around the house.

7:15 Nick and Sims arrived home and ate dinner.

7:50  Everyone headed to take showers.

8:30 Littles headed to bed.  Sims hangs out.  I head to bed around this time too.  I work on email and read through tomorrow’s Logic of English lesson.


The door to Parks’ room-complete with sconces.


I will drift off to sleep early tonight!