A Day in the Life-2023

Here we are again, writing our day in the life post for the year. Like most years, I thought about not writing. And like most years, I end up posting. I have two kiddos at home now. The house seems much quieter than it ever has as they are both in high school. This is such an odd time as a mom and home educator. My role has drastically changed. I am in more of a coach/tutor/counselor role than an educator role now. Throughout the day, I attempt to make myself available at specific times for assistance with school work or to just discuss what needs discussing. So here we go-our typical day!

I usually awaken around 7 or 730. This seems so late compared to past years. It is when I naturally wake up which is a small blessing to be able to do. I get up, check email, feed the cats and take the dog for a walk. Parks and Sawyer are typically showering, eating breakfast and starting their day by the time I return from my walk.

By 9 or 930, everyone is working on some type of work. I am cleaning or doing computer work. Sawyer and Parks are doing schoolwork. Sawyer heads out to the local community college where she is taking classes around 11, and she returns around 2. Parks works with a tutor some days and otherwise, he works on his work in his room. He and I meet at some point in the morning to go over world geography which we are doing together.

By 2, Parks is ready to do something hands on or active. On any given day he will go for a mountain bike ride, work on his bike, go out on the lake, or work on his car. Sawyer comes in around this time and makes some lunch. She typically hangs around the house reading, painting, or doing homework.

Three to four days of the week, they head off to rock climbing practice. Sawyer is in her last season of climbing-bittersweet moments.

By 8, everyone is back home. They eat a late dinner, and we chat about climbing and what happened throughout the day. By 10, I am gearing up to read my book and head to bed. The kids are typically still rummaging around until 11 or 12. They are usually pretty quiet except for when they feed the pets and let out the dog before they go off to bed. Then all the lights go on, Nick and I complain (lovingly of course…lol) as we are awoken right after falling asleep, and the house goes quiet.

It is funny how different our days look now. I look back and think about how much we used to accomplish in one day. I think the covid lockdown slowed us down in addition to the kids all being in high school and driving. I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for us!