August and September 2021/2022

We started school with most schools this year on August 23rd (at least most schools around us). The first week included math for both kiddos, creative writing and Spanish for Sawyer, and physics and history for Parks. I love stepping into the year instead of jumping. It allows us all to transition into a new rhythm. The transition wasn’t easy because the weather is BEAUTIFUL!!! We all wanted to play hooky and just float in the lake. During second week of school, the kids went to three in-person classes each at a local YMCA. I went with them this week as it was their first time there, and it is 45 minutes away! Overall, I think they both enjoyed the classes and seeing other people.

From that second week on, we progressed into a pretty good rhythm. Both kids are pretty independent this year. This is going to be a big change for me and them!

We even got in a road trip to Chapel Hill during the month of September. We visited Blaawesome Flower Farm, a social-care farm with our homeschooling crew. The farm and the farmers impressed us all. If you have a minute, check out their site or their instagram. The tour inspired the moms to start thinking of what we will do when we grow up and the kids are out of the houses. A flower farm is now in discussion. From the farm, we hit a local spot for some lunch, and then Parks headed back home with a friend. Meanwhile, Sawyer and I spent the afternoon and evening at a Gallery Crawl in Durham, NC. The next day, my nephew, Sawyer, and I carved out a mold for an iron pour happening in November. I look forward to seeing the final product!

The last week of the month was full! Parks got invited to go surfing with a friend. He had a blast. Although, he also had to learn how to catch up on work since he is taking some outside classes. He has also been working hard on building bike jumps in the woods near our house. Sawyer started a new job working at our local Renaissance Fair. She also did her first road trip on her own and met Nick and I in the mountains for a few days in the cool fall air. Sims headed back to New Orleans to pick up his boat from the guy who fixed the keel and some fiberglass damage.

Overall, I think we had a pretty good start to the school year.