A Day in the Life-Monday

I really enjoy participating in “A Day in the Life” series through Simple Homeschool (my posts are not on the site-however, every year the series runs and I post at the same time).  I also truly enjoy reading how different everyone’s days look.  I think that is one of the neatest parts of homeschooling.  People lump us all together, but not one household will look like another.

Last week, we began our 5th block.  Thus, we are in the second week of learning about Astronomy (Sims), Ancient Egypt (Sawyer) and Creation Stories (Parks).   Here we go!  A week in our life-one day at a time.( You can read about our Tuesday here.)

Sunday afternoon/evening, I prepped for the week by placing everyone’s work plans in their folders and putting the necessary information in each folder about chores, schedules and other work.

I woke up 6:30 and headed out to walk with my friends at the park (24 degrees-ouch!).

8:15 I arrived home to find Parks up stairs playing legos, Sims doing school work and Sawyer still asleep.  I called everyone together to eat breakfast.  Everyone came to the kitchen-except Sawyer who was having a VERY difficult time getting out of bed.

8:40 Sims went upstairs to read while Parks and I ate breakfast.  Sawyer got up and ready for the day.

9:00 This is our clean up time.  We set the timer for 15 minutes.  Each person has a designated area to clean including their bedroom.  After the clean-up, we met in the kitchen to begin the day with Logic of English.

9:40 One on one time with Parks to work on reading and the main lesson. Meanwhile, Sawyer ate breakfast and did morning chores while Sims worked on typing and math.

10:10 Sawyer read aloud and we worked one on one. Meanwhile, Parks worked on math and Sims continued to work on math.

1040: Sims read aloud and we discussed what he read.  Meanwhile, Sawyer worked on spelling and Latin, and Parks worked on independent work (I have no idea what he was doing but he was quiet).

11:05 I head to the shower and got ready to meet a friend for lunch.

11:25 I headed out and left the kids at home.  (This is not a normal activity for me.  Saturday, I ran into my husband’s cousin in town, and we decided to take some time to catch up.)  While I was away, the kids worked on a bridge model, ate lunch, and hung out with my dad who stopped by.

2:00 I returned home (OMG!  The time FLEW by!  My husband’s cousin and I had a TON in common and ALOT to discuss.)  We all headed outside to enjoy the sun, put up the trash cans and play with the kitties.

3:15 I came inside to work on my journal (FIRE journal by Lisa Sonora-I did this last January and really enjoyed it) while the kids came in to play for a few minutes before Sims headed out.

4:00  Sims was off to gymnastics.  Parks and I ran to Hobby Lobby for some clay to complete a project for his main lesson this morning and to the market to pick up groceries.  Sawyer hung out at home.

4:45 We got home and began fixing dinner.  Parks began working on his clay turtle for his main lesson. (I know this because when I ask what he is doing replies, “Nothing.  Don’t worry.  I have it all on top of a bucket.”  I don’t worry and continue to work on dinner with Sawyer.)

5-6 We watched The Ellen Show.  Mindless-I know.  We all LOVE it.  The show winds everyone down and makes all of us laugh.

6:00 Sawyer, Parks and I ate dinner.  Cleaned up the kitchen and various toys around the house.

7:15 Nick and Sims arrived home and ate dinner.

7:50  Everyone headed to take showers.

8:30 Littles headed to bed.  Sims hangs out.  I head to bed around this time too.  I work on email and read through tomorrow’s Logic of English lesson.


The door to Parks’ room-complete with sconces.


I will drift off to sleep early tonight!

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