November 2022

November started out with adventure. Sawyer headed to Maine to visit two of her friends. This was her first big trip on her own. She flew up, got picked up by a friend, organized the trip as to where she was staying, got dropped off and flew back home.

Unfortunately while she was away, Parks got sick. Thus, his month started off slowly. The time off of school gave him lots of space to think about school. He decided that he wanted to come bak to homeschooling. He did well in school-as in he made good grades and he made friends. He did not love leaving for school at 6 am and getting back at 3. He felt that there was a lot of “wasted” time during the day, and he enjoys having that time to work on his own projects. So Parks and I started working on a plan. The high school used a block schedule so we are trying to finish up those classes and start on the classes he still needs. It will make for an interesting year.

We celebrated two birthdays this month-Parks turned 16 and Sawyer turned 18! We enjoyed celebrating their days!

We also hosted Thanksgiving at our home. We did not go all out as we usually due, and it still had the magical feeling. We ended the evening by making sandwiches for the men’s shelter.

The rest of the year is going to go by very fast! I am shocked that we are through November!