Weekly Wrap Up-The Windy Version

Monday started a new block-yay!  We were all hitting the end of our enthusiasm for civics.  This week, we started a business math/finance block.  We are splitting this into two blocks through the year.  4H also started a new block.  The kids are doing geography and Spanish in 4H.  Thursday, Hurricane Michael came our way bringing lots of rain and some crazy wind. After the storm, the sun shone beautifully.  We hit the lake for some sailing and paddle boarding.  Saturday, Parks had a regatta and a concert; Sims and Sawyer had a climbing competition.  Fun, full week!


Weekly Wrap Up-From Chaos to Clarity

You know those weeks that you dread?  You look at the calendar on Sunday and just want to run away?  Well, that is how our week looked on Sunday evening-but only because we were trying to sneak away for the end of the week.  In the end, it was almost a chill week.  LOL.  Monday, we hit the books because there was a possibility that we would be gone on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Tuesday, we were at classes all day, headed straight to Charlotte for a hematology appointment for the kids, home for ten minutes and then north to climbing practice.  We were all exhausted after Tuesday.  Wednesday our co-op headed out on a field trip and I bailed!  I do not usually do that, but we were all wiped out.  Thursday, Sims and I were supposed to be in Charlotte for testing, but it was canceled.  So we worked on school work, ran some errands, got the house ready to head out, and did our afternoon activities.  Thursday evening, Sims, Nick and I headed to Blowing Rock, NC.  The other two decided to stay home with the grandparents for the weekend.  Blowing Rock was beautiful!  The NC mountain weather is perfect this time of year.  Our crazy week ended up to be fun and relaxing.

Weekly Wrap Up

After our week of driving last week, this week seemed rather calm.  Monday morning, Sims and I headed back down to Charlotte for his testing.  While he was testing, I worked on my geology lesson for 4H this week and the other two kiddos worked on their independent work.  Sawyer also helped Parks with some of his work.

Tuesday, Parks and I went to writing and science class.  He learned about how to write with humor in writing and about wheels in science.  Geometry and Chemistry are ramping up for Sims, so he spent his time at home working on these two subjects.  Sawyer worked through her math and physical science also.  We finished up the classroom portion of geology in 4H on Wednesday by looking at the geology of the Piedmont and coastal plains of NC.  Sawyer and I headed down to Charlotte after class for her to get an iron infusion.

Thursday was a rainy day and much needed time at home.  All of the kids worked on their schoolwork.  We did lots of writing, chemistry, physical science, latin, and math.  Today we are finishing up more school work.  Nothing too exciting.

Two week Wrap Up

Well, the weeks are now flying by.  We got busy-really busy.

We were in a pretty good rhythm for the first three or four weeks of school.  Then last week, the rhythm got kind of crazy-because as we all know, life happens.  Hurricane Florence had everyone around us in a frenzy.  Schools shut down; thus, kids were out of school.  We had some prep to do for the storm, and Sims helped get the barn ready as well.  We also had to make sure that we had plenty of milkweed saved up and available for our growing caterpillars (yes, we still have about 35 and my neighbor has about 10) just in case the storm ruined our supply.  In addition to hurricane preparations, we attempted to keep up with our school.  Overall, we did well.

Last week we had A LOT going on.  Sims is doing educational testing in order to get accommodations for the SAT/ACT and for college.  The parent intake was on Monday about an hour south of us.  Tuesday was our first day of science classes for Sawyer and Sims along with Parks’s writing class.  The Tuesday science and writing classes are excellent, but there is definitely a trade off.  Not being at home for a full day can put you very behind on life!  Wednesday, we had our 4H co-op.  I taught about the geology of the NC mountains and then the kids had PE.  Wednesday was beautiful.  The kids played a bit in the afternoon.  Thursday, Sims and I headed south for his first day of testing followed immediately by his writing class and then climbing!  He was wiped.  Friday, Parks and I headed to Raleigh for a day of BMX riding at Daniel Dhers Action Sports.

The weekend didn’t slow down either.  Sims and Sawyer headed to Raleigh for a climbing competition.  Parks and I stayed in town for his first regatta.

Week Two-Life Long Learning

Well, we made it through the first two weeks of school.  The first week went fairly well.  The second week went about the same.  Nothing very exciting.  So far, I think that our favorite curriculum choice is Byline for the older two.  It is also tying in well with our block on civics.

This week, Sims had his first real test.  He is taking an online geometry class which has tests every other week.  It is moments like thee, that we realize how dysgraphia will continue to effect him through the years.  He writes well, but it does take him more time to write.  Geometry requires a lot of writing and planning.  Thus, his test took him three hours to complete.  Wow!  I was shocked that it took that long and amazed at his perseverance to get through it.  (and not that it matters, but he was very excited to get an 89-pre/94-final grade after corrections in his first real test).

Sawyer is moving through her work well.  She generally does not find school work challenging but this year, we found some fun stuff.  She is enjoying the writing with byline and the Visual Latin program.  She has a gift with languages that I love.  She finds them so easy! (This is a concept that boggles my mind because language is so tough.). She also started designing her Halloween costume this week!

Parks (I am scared to jinx myself here but…) is doing really well this year on his school work.  He wakes up and hits the books.  He is focused to finish his work-which can be good and bad.  Right now, I will take it.  Last year, he struggled with getting motivated to start his work and to complete his work with out A LOT of encouragement (insert-lots of frustration here..lol).  So far, he is completing his work and doing a great job with it!  He is also working on lots of projects such as rebuilding his drones, soldering, and making his own fingerboards.

I am teaching geology this month in our 4H co op.  I explained to the class that I am not a geologist but that I find the subject interesting. Thus, I decided to teach the subject.  Who knew that being a homeschooling mom would also make me an unschooler too?  Life long learning.

Back to School Time!

I am still in denial that we are actually starting school which is why this post is slightly delayed.  We started school last Monday as a group.  Sims started an online class a few weeks ago.  As much as I would love to show you a beautiful back to school picture of the three of them smiling, I have nothing close.  I have pictures of the three of them steadily working and looking at their books for the year.

Overall, the week went well.  Monday, we spent at home.  Tuesday, Parks and I headed out for his writing class while the older two stayed home and worked.  Wednesday, we went to the park for the first day of our 4H co-op and pretended that it is still summer by hitting the lake for a swim afterwards.  Thursday, we hit the barn.  Friday, we finished up any unfinished work from the week.  We also celebrated Sawyer’s last allergy shot!!  (Five years ago, Sawyer found out that she is allergic to the five bee types that we have here in NC.  Over the past five years, she has gone monthly to get two shots-equivalent to getting 18 bee stings at once.  She is amazing.) The workload was light this week.  My hope was just to get everyone into a rhythm.  I think that it worked pretty well.

In addition to celebrating, Sawyer’s last shot, we also watched Sims compete in his first deep water solo rock climbing event at the US National White Water Center.  The competition was a lot of fun to watch!

Monarch Mania

About a month or two ago, we were excited to see a monarch in our butterfly garden.  We have seen several different types of swallow tails and moths, but we have been trying to attract monarchs for a while.  Well now we have tons of monarchs!  Not only do we have monarchs but we have eggs and caterpillars!  We have so many that we are sharing them with others.  So far, four other families are helping to care for some caterpillars.  In our family, we have already had one group of eggs hatch and morph into monarchs.  We have about 35 caterpillars now!  And there are a ton more on our milkweed in the back yard.