2016/2017 Block Three

Our third block filled November.  Parks worked through a man/animal block.  Sawyer worked through an introduction to Ancient Rome.  Sims worked through an appropriately timed Civics block.

Grade Four: Man/Animal

Parks’ third block started off by looking at the three parts of the body-the head, the body and the limbs.  He went over all of the activities that he can use his hands for and how he is different than other animals.  Over the next three weeks, he learned about three different animals that are all native to NC: the shark, the box turtle, and the opossum.

Grade Six: Ancient Rome Introduction

After some discussion, we decided to start studying Ancient Rome through a story.  We read through the book, “Our Roman Cousin from Long Ago,” and researched many of the ideas discussed throughout the story.  We have read this book once before, and everyone was excited to read it again.

Grade 8: Civics

Sims’ third block on Civics was purposely timed in November to go along with the elections.  We used the Oak Meadow Civics book, lots of websites and a lot of discussion throughout the block.  Sims went over the key values in the US, laws that affect his life, the Preamble to Constitution, the Constitution, Federalists and Anti-federalists, and the Bill of Rights.


Now we are onto a short block on North American Geography and Cursive!

Birthday Celebrations-12

My little girl -maybe more like a young lady-turned 12 this past weekend.  She awoke to a “jelly belly cake”, aka parfait with jelly bellies and icing.

She then opened a few gifts and headed to the barn to visit her “old” horse.  We recently moved to a new barn and the horse that she used to ride was unable to come with us.  Sawyer misses Ed greatly.


We then hit a local sushi restaurant for lunch and got ready for the afternoon!  After a short rest at home, we headed to see the movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

Overall, I think that she had a pretty fun day!  Her official birthday present was a shopping trip to the mall.  Up until yesterday, Sawyer had never been shopping in a mall.  She found a couple of stores with some fun clothes that she liked.  I am 99% sure that she will want to go back.  LOL.


Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that everyone had a fun and full Thanksgiving Day.  We spent the day with our friends and family at my parent’s house.  The weather was perfect in addition to the company, food, and stories.


The day started with a Turkey Trot


Table was set


Flowers arranged


Edible center pieces


Ready for some leaves of gratitude


Decisions, decisions


Chowing down


The final activity



Inspired by the amazing maple trees this year.

Wacky Wednesday-Rock Climbing

Our  Wacky Wednesdays continue!  We planned to go island hopping and exploring.  Unfortunately, the wind and low water levels kept us off of the lake.  Luckily, we have inventive kids who can come up with ideas that ranged from-let’s drive to the beach to let’s go to Starbucks- who decided to hit our area’s new climbing gym.

Everyone had a quick orientation to the gym and then started climbing.  Sims, who has been climbing a the gym a good bit lately, decided to sign up for a belaying certification class.  When he completed the class, everyone got the opportunity to explore some new climbs that were only open to people with be-layers.  Once again our plan did not go as planned, but the day was complete with adventure.

Parks is 10!

We officially have three kids in the double digits!  Last week, we celebrated Parks’ tenth birthday.  I think he actually had a birthday week!  He started the week off with a mountain bike race.  Then he tried out BMX biking for the first time.  Of course, BMXing was a big hit (there was not a doubt in my mind about that one).  Wednesday, we planned on going island hopping.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, and it was extremely windy.  So we headed to the climbing gym for some indoor fun.  Thursday was his actual birthday, and it was fun-filled.  He started at the barn and ended at go carts.  I think that the theme of the week was-things that go!

Wacky Wednesday- Congaree National Park


We have visited quite a few mountainous areas, so this trip headed south to Congaree National Park.  We began the trip with a short tour led by Park Ranger who gave us some of the history of the park.

We then headed off on a short hike through the Pine bluff and into the flood plain.  Unfortunately, we could not hike many of the trails due to damage from Hurricane Matthew.  We did manage to see some amazingly old and large loblolly pine trees and oak trees along the way.  Hurricane Matthew also brought out quite a few mosquitoes that followed us along the trails!

After our hike and a quick bite to eat, we headed into the nature center where the kids worked on the Junior Ranger program.  We also watched the short, but highly informative, movie on the history of the area.



Since a lot of the trails were closed, we never saw a cypress tree on our hike.  Thus, we had to jump in the car and drive a little way down to the canoe drop in to find some of the old bald cypress trees.  They were beautiful!  We are going to try to make it back down in the spring to do a kayak trip.