Peace, Light, and Love in Fall

Mid November is already here.  Diwali has passed.  Martinmas has passed.  We did not celebrate these two holidays this year.  Although they are two of our favorites, life did not allow it.  However, I could not let November go by without a light ceremony of some sort.

We invited our friends for a fall light ceremony.  We set up a spiral covered with candles.  We set out chairs and hung lights over the porch.  We made chili and prepped for our activity.

As people arrived, the darkness came too-just in time.  The children sat eagerly (ok, some squirmed in their spots and others walked around) as I read the story of The Lantern Prince which I found through The Sparkles Stories.   The story speaks of a prince who is kind and how his kindness was more powerful than any army.  The prince’s kindness saved his country.  While reading the story, the children lit up the spiral one at a time.

To end the evening, everyone went to the porch to fill a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child.  The children gleamed as they filled their boxes.  Hopefully, the children’s excitement and joy will be felt as the boxes are opened in a few weeks.

Back to Blogging

Obviously, I took a bit of a hiatus from blog writing.  Unfortunately, the hiatus was not intentional or planned.  Basically, I killed my computer.

While on my blogging break, a few fellow homeschooling moms and I were discussing life, and I mentioned that I write a blog to track of our activities.  During the discussion, one mom mentioned that my blog showed what a “good homeschooling mom” I am and that it would make the other mom feel like she was not good enough if she read it.  (She was not saying this to be negative at all.  It was all light-hearted and silly).

So the above conversation and the killing of my computer made me think about the importance of letting others know that our life is not our blog.   I write my blog for fun, but definitely not to brag or to be boastful in any way.  I do not want anyone to think that our life is all roses and hikes. We are a typical family of five who argue and get the house messy.   We all melt down. ( Hence-the dead computer.  I became frustrated after being lied to and back-talked to.  I walked into the kitchen and saw the perpetrator on the laptop.  From behind, I slammed the screen down to end the session.  And…….hard drive killed.  Mother….humbled.)

Bloggers still live life.  I try not to sugar coat too much, but I do want to respect my kids privacy.  They do not want me writing about their issues with school or life.  However, they are proud of their work and their activities, so I do share those.  As I get back into the world of blogging, I plan to be more aware of my stories.


Finding Passion- Animal Rescue

My crew loves animals.  In fact, animals run our lives (or at least, it feels this way most days).  We have 5 cats, 1 dog, 1 bird and 1 fish who live with us permanently.  Notice the permanently.  Rarely are those the only animals that we have in our house.  Over the years, the kids have “saved” skinks, preying mantises, frogs, birds, and numerous bugs.  Most notably though was the rescue of Sticky, the black racer.

One afternoon my children rode their bikes through the woods and saw our neighbor with a snake that was caught in a trap.  They thought that the snake was dead, and they moved on.  When they rode past the snake the following day, they noticed that the snake moved a little bit.  Immediately, the kids rode home and went into action.  Mainly, they came and got me to help the snake.

The snake was stuck in one of those sticky mouse traps.It was obviously chasing a salamander, which also meant that the snake was hungry.  The malnourished snake was exhausted and dehydrated and seriously stuck.  After a quick internet search (what did we do before the internet?), I found that olive oil could be used to gently remove the adhesive from the snake.  After an hour of carefully oiling and pulling, the snake was free of the trap.  Unfortunately, he was not moving much.

The kids were not tolerating the thought of the snake perishing on its own.  Thus, we started making phone calls.  The first call made was to our friends at Latta Plantation.  They gave us some terrific advice and forwarded us onto a rare animal vet.  With our new information, we placed “Sticky” into a container with a nice shallow bowl filled with water.  It soaked in the water for hours.  Over the next two days, we worked on removing all of the adhesive from its scales and re-hydrating it.

After 48 hours, we released Sticky under a bush in our backyard.  We thought that it was going to go well.  That evening Parks went out to check on him and found three of our cats surrounding the poor little snake.  We immediately scooped him up and put him back into the container.  The next day we went into the woods and placed Sticky under a log and some leaves.  To the best of our knowledge, Sticky is slithering around the woods happily.  We learned a lot in that 72 hours, and something tells me that it won’t be the last time that we will need that knowledge.

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