Summer in Review

I am not sure why I thought the summer would be any different than the school year, but I did. I hoped for long sunny days floating in the lake. Well, the weather was a bit odd through June and July. We usually have summer temperatures into the 90s. The first two months of the summer were “cool.” Thus, we weren’t floating a whole lot (actually, I think I only went out a couple of times and I floated on top of my paddle board to that I didn’t actually touch the water). Overall, the summer flew by. Sims worked. He managed a fleet of 29 pontoon boats for a rental company on the lake. He worked A LOT! Sawyer earned her lifeguarding certificate and guarded a local neighborhood pool. Parks skated, biked, and jet skied.

Toward the end of the summer, we got in a few fun times floating in the lake. We watched the meteor shower. We had friends over to play. We went up the Catawba River on the jet skis. We watched many sailing regattas. We listened to bands outside. And in a flash, the summer was over and the school year is beginning!