A Day in the Life-2021

I must admit that I did not plan to write this post this year as our days are pretty boring. A day in the life of three teens pretty much shows you three kids on computers as they are all doing classes online this year. However, I read Jamie’s Homeschool Day in the Life with a 15, 16 and 17 year old, and I decided to go ahead and write one as it is important to document the not-so-excting times as well as the exciting times. Wednesdays are the most exciting day, other than Fridays when we hike, so I thought instead of doing the whole week as I have in the past-I will pick one day and document. (For years past, click on the year- 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015)

My morning time has become my medicine. I find that it truly helps me throughout the day. I woke up around 7:00, walked to the door to let the dog out, and headed back to “the office,” where I meditated and stretched. Next, I get dressed and headed out for a walk with the dog. This morning it was beautiful! I love having the water all around us. My morning walk always makes me smile.

I got home at 8:20 where I greeted Sawyer, woke up Parks and listened for Sims moving upstairs. On this morning, I had to run to the doctor’s office for a blood draw. When I got back, everyone was up and in the kitchen making breakfast. I sat and ate also. This is a great time because we can all chat about what is going on in the world.

At 10:00, I headed outside to start a fire for our science classs-I failed miserably at this. Everything is still really wet as we have had a lot of rain lately. Sawyer looked over her science for the week. Parks worked on his writing, and Sims was in his room working on school.

11:00 Sims, Sawyer and I meet on Wednesdays at 11 to have an environmental science class. I LOVE this class. We have learned some pretty amazing things. Today, we discussed air pollution and how the air has changed over the years. We discussed how heat is transferred and how the ozone layer absorbs much of the sun’s radiation to protect us.

At 1230, we headed back inside. Sims and Sawyer made lunch. Sawyer and I discussed some of her options for classes next year and then, I went to help Parks edit his paper and do his math. After lunch, Sims showed up with his backpack and sailing gear. Before he left for work, we discussed what he has left to do this week and when he plans to to finish everything up.

By 2:00, the house was eerily quiet. Sims was off for the afternoon at work. Sawyer was doing school and getting ready for history. Parks was packing up to go skate with some friends. I headed outside to do some yard work and to join a friend for a walk (did I mention that we finally have a SUNNY DAY!). Sawyer has history from 3-430 on Wednesdays.

At 5:00 Sawyer and I headed to the library to pick up some new books. Our library has been closed for a few months due to COVID and they just opened back up this month. We were VERY excited. On our way home, we picked up dinner. We are trying to meet as a family for dinner on Wednesday evenings.

Everyone was home at 630 except for Sims who came in at 700. His girlfriend, an extension to our family as they have been together for three years now, came in at 715 and ate. We then had a real treat! We headed into the next town for some ice cream.

When we got home, we sat and watched the movie, “Moxie,” that just came out on Netflix. And finally-off to bed!

Things to note: 1. Kids in high school still require and want attention. It is just a bit different. We do ALOT of discussion about topics and scheduling. 2. I miss the morning time together. I really enjoyed reading aloud to everyone that we did in years past. My kids all voted not to do it this year. So I try to find time each day that we can all at least connect-either at breakfast, lunch, or a random time during the day. 3. The pandemic like most people has changed the way we do a lot this year. I miss our homeschool village and so do the kids. 4. This will be the last “a day in the life” with Sims as he will be off to college next year. My heart is excited and aching at the same time.

3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life-2021

  1. My older teens spend a lot of time doing their various subjects on the computer these days, too. It’s a bit bittersweet not to all be together all day, but it is definitely making me enjoy the littlest guy a lot more since I know how quickly he’ll grow!

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  2. I’ve got two teens and your homeschooling day looks a lot like ours! I completely agree with you that even though our children are in high school, they still need plenty of attention and want time with us (even when it feels like they don’t!). I’m thankful that homeschooling allows for this time together. I also really miss reading aloud and group homeschooling activities that we enjoyed pre-covid. I hope you have plenty mores sunshine in the coming days!

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