Day in the Life- Tuesday 2018

I find it hard to believe that it is that time of year, but it is!  This week I will join many other homeschooling bloggers in sharing our days.  I love reading about other people’s days over at Simple Homeschool.  2018 is the fourth year that I have documented our week.  You can check out 2015, 2016, and 2017 if you would like to see how our weeks have changed.

Similar to yesterday, I awoke, ate and went to work out at 630 am.  I returned home at 815 to find Parks and Sawyer awake and eating breakfast.  Sims was still asleep, but he woke up soon after I came home.  Once I came home, I showered due to a busy schedule today.

At 9:00, we did a quick pick up around the house.  Then we met in the sunroom to read together.


Listening to Sawyer read.  One bundled up and one in a fort.


9:45 Sims and Sawyer got ready for tutoring, and Parks got started on his independent work.  Typically, I take Sims (or he rides his bike) to the local coffee shop to meet with his writing tutor.  However today, the tutor texted and said that there weren’t any open tables!  Thus, she met at our house.  Sims went first from 10-1045, and Sawyer worked with her from 1045-1130.

At 1130, Sims and I headed out for an appointment and to go to an information session on dual enrollment at our local community college.  While we were out, Sawyer and Parks hung out at home.  Parks also met up with a friend around 130.

On our way home, Sims and I hit the grocery store for milk and eggs.  When we came home, Parks and his friend were playing, and Sawyer was singing.  Sims headed upstairs and completed his work for the day.  I ate lunch and did some laundry.

At 415 Sims and Sawyer headed out for climbing practice-yah for carpool!!  Parks and his friend went out for a bike ride.  I had the house to myself, so I decided to work on a house project!  I painted my foyer (a project on my list).

530: I made a quick casserole for dinner and went back to painting.  Nick came home early-a nice surprise. :). Parks and his friend headed to the trampoline.

630: I finished up painting and Parks made a salad for dinner.  Nick, Parks and I sat down for dinner.

845: I am finishing up this post now.  Parks just went to bed.  Nick is at a scout meeting.  Sims and Sawyer should be on their way home from climbing.  I am headed to my bed to read my book.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Day in the Life- Tuesday 2018

  1. Good morning! How are you?  Things are snowy and cold up here in the mountains.  I haven’t completely dropped off the radar, but life is good.  I love seeing your posts.  We moved apartments last weekend.  Literally down the steps and up the steps.  It has more light and a porch!  Rob is still working there and Ethan actually might start heading down.  He is slowly moving forward.  SLOWLY!!!  Rob and I using a lot of patience.  He built his own computer which was a huge accomplishment.  He keeps putting off working on his math. There is always an excuse.  Now he needs a monitor.  He talks about going to college still, but he has a lot of work to do.   Did you have your kids re-tested yet?  I have a call into our therapist.  Hopefully that will happen this month.  He mentioned that the test is for ADD/ADHD not for dyslexia.  That sounds odd.  Have you heard that?  I am reaching out to some dyslexia support groups related to college.  I am trying to do some of the leg work for Ethan.  Have you found a good writing software that supports dyslexia?  Lots of questions.  Sorry. Graham is doing well.  He has taken to wood carving.  He is making spoons at the moment.  I was all excited because I found a local blacksmith in the area.  He started his own forge at 13.   I reached out, but he just offered a class this summer for 350.  I suggested that Graham could just watch.  I guess he needs to make a living.  He does have a book I might check out. Forged a Guide to Becoming a Blacksmith

    | | | | | |


    | | | | Forged a Guide to Becoming a Blacksmith

    Blacksmithing, “The king of trades,” is arguably the most enduring craft known to man, a craft virtually synonym… |



    Graham has become a bit anti-social .  He doesn’t want to do anything with peers.  He wants to hike, watch YouTube  for his crafts and game.  Hopefully, spring will bring some new energy to my kiddos. I ams still teaching yoga at the local Y.  It is nice, but not any significant money.  Maybe someday it will lead to something more. How are you doing? Next time I’m in town, lets get together. Enjoy the snow. Blythe


    • Blythe! Terrific to hear from you!!
      Glad to hear things are going well. We recently purchased a MacBook Air to help with writing. It has speech to text and text to speech built in, auto text and many other features which are helpful for all of us!
      We have had a tough time finding a blacksmith to help us set something up at home as well. We have taken classes at the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing and we are thinking about going back there for a class or two.
      I would love to get together sometime! Shoot me a text when you come back in town.


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