Day in the Life- Wednesday 2018

I find it hard to believe that it is that time of year, but it is!  This week I will join many other homeschooling bloggers in sharing our days.  I love reading about other people’s days over at Simple Homeschool.  2018 is the fourth year that I have documented our week.  You can check out 2015, 2016, and 2017 if you would like to see how our weeks have changed.

As usual, we didn’t have a typical day.  Last night the weather man predicted that we were going to get some snow.  In the south, that is code for “everything is about to shut down.”  I typically would have awoken and gone to work out but since the snow was coming, I slept in.  At 715, Sims and Parks were up.  By 740, Parks was dressed and ready to play in the snow.


While Parks played outside, we all ate breakfast and putzed around.  By 9:00, Parks was ready for a break so we decided to snuggle up in the sun room and read.  We read from our book and did some history together.


By 1030, Parks was ready to get back out to the snow.  He headed off to a friend’s house for a bit while.  Sawyer and I sat and read from her book for a bit, and Sims rode his bike to the lake to see what it looked like in the snow.

12:00 Everyone was back together.  We watched an episode of Gilmore Girls and ate some lunch.

At 1:30, we all bundled up and hit the hills.


Around 4:00, we headed back in and watched another episode of Gilmore Girls (yes, we know that we have an addiction to this show.).  Everyone also worked on their independent work and I checked their work from yesterday.


At 5:30, Nick (yep, even the big companies shut down for snow in the south.  He was sent home by 430) and Parks headed back out to sled.

By 7 they were back in and we had a quick dinner.  One of Sims’s friends came over for the night-a meat eater, so Nick and the friend made a meat eaters dinner.


A game of scrabble while dinner is cooking

It’s now 8:30 and the boys decided to go back out to do some night sledding.  Meanwhile, Sawyer and I are in watching some TV. This is a very rare day.  Usually, the tv doesn’t come on during the week, but snow changed our entire day.  🙂


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