Our Homeschool Day-Tuesday

The reason I chose to journal on the whole week is to show you that no two days are the same-are they ever?  As I stated yesterday, we stayed up WAY TOO LATE!  I am usually in bed by 930 and asleep by 10.  Last night, I was in bed by 1115 and asleep maybe by midnight.  So……this morning I didn’t hear my alarm and awoke at 710.

Hmmm….no work out (this is my coffee.  It brings me happiness so no work out is icky).

720-8 Sims and I walk the dog down to the docks where she can run.  It is a rainy day and there was a break in the rain so we figured that we would give her a chance to get out.  Of course, she decided to run away from the field and the water and right back home.  We chased her almost the whole way until a kind man stopped and helped us get her (just like a toddler.  She ran from us but went straight to him.)  I like taking walks with the kids.  I get all types of good info.  Today, we talked about the possibility of getting a tablet to help with school.  We also spoke about how using gel pen seems to make writing easier for Sims.

8-830 Breakfast and chores.

830 Sims read to Parks.  Sawyer awoke and started her breakfast and chores.

900 Parks started making a boat and Sims read aloud to me a chapter from the book “Our Little Roman Cousin.” in preparation for his Rome block next month.

930: Sawyer began working on her owl unit.  Parks and I worked together on Life of Fred Cats,.

1015 We all went over the properties of water that Parks learned in his chemistry class yesterday at Latta Plantation.  We did experiments on surface tension, magnets, making a compass and minerals.  (We started on surface tension by floating a paper clip on water.  My dad came in and showed the kids how a needle floats on the water and will move towards true north.  From there, he taught them about magnets.  Next, the kids wanted to tell him and show him their minerals.)

1115 Parks and I worked on clocks while Sawyer worked on multiplication asking for assistance as needed.  Sims worked with my dad on wedges using the LEGOS education program.

1125 Sawyer storms off-no idea why.  Parks began Growing with Grammar and notices a dog looking in our window. I go out, corral the dog, find out where he lives, and take him home.  (Life happens all the time!)

1140 Copy work for Parks.  Sawyer completes her math.  I review her 5s times tables.  Sims finishes up with my dad.


130 Sims works with my dad on a project at the lake house (I believe they are making rails for the front walkway.)  Sawyer and Parks go to gymnastics.

300 Sawyer, Parks and I go to Sawyer’s violin lesson.  Today is her first lesson and she is VERY excited.  Her teacher knows how to fiddle which is what Sawyer wants to do as well.

Sawyer learning resting position.

Sawyer learning resting position.

345 Hobby Lobby trip to pick up felt for Sims’ Boy Scout Flag.

445 Home (horrible, horrible traffic.  We were in and out of Hobby Lobby in 10 minutes but it took 50 minutes to get home.)

445 Search recipes for tonight’s pot luck dinner at Boy Scouts.  Cook Mexican Sweet Potato Quinoa(I have never made this before so hopefully, people like it.)

620 Head to Boy Scout dinner.

815 Home.  Clean kitchen.  Kids shower.

845 Kids off to bed (well, at least Nick is trying to get them into bed.  It isn’t going too well right now).  I am headed to bed too!

Items to note during this day.  1.  We are ALWAYS late.  I despise being late.  Leaving today to get to gym at 130.  I asked everyone to get into the car at 103.  We were driving out of the neighborhood at 120.  We were 15 minutes late.  Leaving to go to Scouts tonight.  I asked everyone to get in the car at 613.  We left at 640.  We were 15 minutes late.  We discussed tardiness in the car and about how I feel being late is disrespectful and how I do not like feeling rushed (and I DO NOT drive any faster when we are late, which drives my kids nuts.) 2. Mexican Sweet Potato Quinoa was a hit.  I will make it again.  3. We had a very cranky crew today.  The day was either filled with happiness or children arguing and whining.  Sleep is important.  Going to bed at a reasonable time is VITAL.

Now let’s hope that I can get up in the morning to get in a work out.

One thought on “Our Homeschool Day-Tuesday

  1. Good luck, Sawyer!

    What a day! I miss the days of sitting down for a couple of hours while I could watch over schoolwork and check it in real time. Each day, as you say, is different. And life happens. And I’m learning that they are learning, and it’s happening beautifully on their initiative.

    Merry Christmas-time!



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