A Day in the Life 2020- Wednesday

It’s Wednesday!  Another “Day in the Life” post!  Monday’s post is here.  Today was not too exciting (it seems like a theme this week-lol).

I woke up at 645 to the dog crying at my door.  I got up and took her for a walk.  When I got home, the kids were up and getting ready for the day.  Wednesday is another co-op day.  Today, however, Sawyer and Sims stayed home to get work done.  After our 15 minute clean-up, Parks and I headed to co-op while the other two sat down to do some school work.

Parks did independent work at the co-op in the morning.  Then the group did a yard clean-up for the American Legion in the afternoon.  I headed out for an appointment around 1145.  Sims picked up Parks for me from the co-op and they headed home.


Once we all got home, Sawyer was still doing school work.  Sims worked on his trunk for a bit (the handle broke) and tweaked his wake gate before he went out surfing.

At 430, I went to yoga with a friend.  Sawyer and Parks each had a friend come hang out for a bit.

Typically Sawyer has her art club on Wednesday nights.  This week, the art club was canceled.  However, we still went out.  When I returned home from yoga, Sims asked if we could all go get ice cream.  So, we all headed into town to get a sweet treat.

Once at home, we all settled in for the night.  🙂

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