Finding Passion- Blacksmithing

Homeschooling allows children to explore their interests and experiment/tinker throughout the day.  My children change interests weekly daily-with one exception this year.  Sims sparked an interest in blacksmithing this year.  Again, I thought it would be a fleeting interest.  We went to speak with a blacksmith at a local farm.  He taught Sims how to make nails and gave him some history of blacksmithing.  Unfortunately, he was not able to mentor Sims.  Next, Sims met a farrier.  The farrier explained blacksmithing in his job.  The farrier allowed Sims to observe him for a few hours.  He is a traveling farrier so he isn’t around a whole lot.  However when he is in town, Sims can hang with him for a bit.

Sims has been itching to get his hands on some metal and to work with it.  I began the search.  I found the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing.  For his birthday, we signed Sims up for a shield making class.  In the class, he learned how to hammer metal, heat metal, twist the metal, hammer rivets and more.  He attended the class with his dad, so I didn’t get to watch him myself.  According my husband, Sims looked very comfortable and at home in the class.  In fact, the two of them are trying to figure out how to set up a forge at home!

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The boy doesn’t love school but he loves to learn. As he get older, I look forward to watching him explore his passions-even if they change daily.


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