On Tuesday, I wasn’t sure how this week was going to turn out. I hit the mom wall. I am 99% sure that all moms go through it at some point. Luckily, I have one amazing support group. I published my blog Tuesday morning and by lunch time, I had a surprise visitor. A hug and a few laughs go can go a long way. By Tuesday afternoon, I felt much more like myself.

Most of the schools around us are on spring break this week changing up our schedule a bit which was nice. The kids spent the week working through projects when we weren’t at activities. Sims and Grandad built a kayak trailer for Sims’ bike. Sims is looking forward to kayaking in a swimming hole that he found with his friend. Unfortunately, the swimming hole is a few miles into the woods, so Sims is hoping the bike trailer will make it doable.

Parks and Sawyer started a bumble bee habitat. They have been busy researching bumble bees and observing the bees in their habitat. (Yes, this is the girl who is HIGHLY allergic to bees! Thank you for immunotherapy!) They have also been busy building with their Roominate kit. The kit looks a bit girly, but it isn’t. The boys are enjoying it as well. They are building simple circuits to make cars, fans, lights, and other inventions.

The beautiful weather has also allowed for some fun outdoor activities as well. The kids began archery and brought out the water toys. Obviously, kayaking is a big hit (Sims has towed his kayak close to 10 miles since he made the trailer). We also fit in one day at the stables this week. I am glad it is Friday. We can relax today and start again next week. Hopefully, I will be in a better spot mentally and we can get back to business!

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