Grade 7 Planning

Sims is sailing into seventh grade this year!  He is the ground breaker and the guinea pig for each grade.  The themes for his seventh grade year are communication, vision and exploration.  His goals include:

  1. Find and utilize effective strategies for time management and organization for school.
  2. Be able to recognize and respond appropriately/effectively to other’s emotions
  3. Find and utilize an effective and efficient note-taking method
  4. Articulate ideas clearly and effectively
  5. Find and utilize a method to organize though in the form of written communication using prewriting, drafting, editing and final copy.

Sims will work through the following blocks:

4 weeks of Middle Ages, 4 weeks of chemistry, 4 weeks of Wish, Wonder, Surprise, 4 weeks of geography, 4 weeks of Astronomy, 4 weeks of Renaissance, 4 weeks of Anatomy/Physiology and 4 weeks on Carry On Mr.Bowditch.  In addition to his blocks, Sims will work through Phonetic Zoo, Word Roots-Latin, and Pre-Algebra.  Sims will also participate on and Environthon team!

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