Grade 5 Planning

Sawyer jumps into fifth grade this year!  Wow!  The themes that I chose for fifth grade are self-awareness, compassion and empathy.  Sawyer’s fifth grade goals include:

  1. Utilize effective communication to inform others of her emotions.
  2. Find and utilize an effective time management strategy.
  3. Find and utilize an effective organizational strategy for school work and room.
  4. Utilizing previously taught grammar skills, write a variety of papers to learn the skills of prewriting, editing, drafting and final copy.
  5. Increase confidence in utilizing math concepts in everyday life.
  6. Increase awareness of how other’s are feeling around her and other people’s plans.

Sawyer’s blocks include:

4 weeks on Ancient civilizations, 4 weeks on botany, 4 weeks on Mossflower, 4 weeks on US Geography, 4 weeks on Ancient Egypt, 4 weeks on Ancient Greece, 4 weeks on Ida and finally 4 weeks on another Botany block.  She will also begin using Phonetic Zoo, Math-U-See Epsilon, and Latin Word Roots.  She will also participate on an Environthon team this year!

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