They can all go back to school-right?

Of course, you know that is true-but no, no one is going back to school.  Although, last week that was the feeling.  As I posted a few weeks ago, I knew we would have our ups and downs.  Thank goodness, the ups are really fun because it is the only way I make it through the downs.  Last week was one of those really fun but crazy weeks.  Monday started off rough because I had a dentist appointment and Nick had the kids in the morning.  For two of my three kiddos, change is no problem.  For the wee guy though, not having me here meant party time or so he thought.  Tuesday was a day of running around due to some schedule changes so school was quick in the morning and continued on the road in the car.  By Wednesday, things were back to “normal.”  Yes, I know it was actually only two days of craziness but those two days seemed to last an eternity and in my mind I kept thinking, “they can all go back to school.”    By Wednesday, I needed some change so I packed up the bags with the kids’ work and we headed to the park. 

This week, I felt much more in the groove and things ran pretty smooth.  Obviously, Monday we celebrated Labor Day and everyone got geared up for the Democratic National Convention which took place in the city close to us this week.  The kids studied USA geography and the presidents.  We have had lots of discussions about our country and how it runs.  We ended the week with a family field trip to the Presidential Experience downtown and a trip around town (post DNC and without all of the crowds).  The kids were really hoping to run into the President or his kids-no such luck.  However, they did get to spend a school day with Dad which was better than seeing the president in their minds. 

Throughout the past two weeks (of course this is not including Monday and Tuesday of the first week), I kept hearing people speak about “discipline plans” and “carpool” and “homework,” and I kept thinking, “wow! For the first time in years, I am not stressed about the beginning of school.”  Last year at this time, I was a mess.  I had two kiddos in a new school that I was not too sure about.  I was running ragged trying to get everyone to school on time, rushing to get to pick up-only to wait in carpool, and rushing to tutors and afterschool activities and always hoping that maybe we would have a home-cooked meal.  Now, we wake up without rushing, play outside for a few minutes, work, eat and enjoy each other.  After school activities are not rushed because we are already close to everything.  Giggles have replaced groans for the most part.  Now for those home-cooked meals-I am still working on that!

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