“He who is served is limited in his independence.”Maria Montessori

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Week 1-the introduction to school-CHECK

Week 2- the first full week of school-CHECK

The week began in a different way than I had imagined-but this is how life goes; so, I went with it.  Our family went out of town for the weekend, and we were all exhausted.  So 830 rolled around and none of us were ready to begin.  Thank goodness we are at home and we made the choice to start the following day.  This lasted until about 230.  By this time, the kids were on each other’s nerves and the day was going down hill fast.  I motioned everyone to the school room and just told everyone to find some work.  THREE hours went by!  They worked and worked and worked.  I loved what they came up with.  Sims and Sawyer used the metal insets to make pictures and then they each wrote a story about their picture.  Lessons were given.  It was beautiful.  My husband came home and asked if school started and the kids answered, “no, school starts tomorrow.”  I did not have the heart to tell them that they actually were in school.

Tuesday through Friday went a little more as I planned.  We woke up and had a leisurely morning.  They boys got outside most of the mornings to play in the yard before school  School started at 830 with the calendar, a song or poem and a review of the day.  Sims and Sawyer (Fourth and second grades) each have a new and improved workplan.  Parks has 6 drawers filled with activities and the lessons I planned for him through the week.  In my mind, I thought six drawers full of activities would be plenty.  The first thing he asked for was apple cutting.  Umm……there is no apple cutting up in the school room….What about the long bead chains?…..nope.  Hmmmm…..Thoughts that had not crossed my mind.  I knew homeschooling would be a change for Parks, but I did not consider how it will also be limiting the independence and choices he had in the past.   Obviously, I do not have loads of Montessori materials or even enough to keep him busy for an entire work period; however, we are going to work on a plan.

The work period continued until 11 at which time, the crew headed outside.  Parks worked in the garden and in sandbox on his creation.  Sims and Sawyer finished up their work and did nature study.  Then at noon, we all sat and ate lunch (which they cooked) and went on with the rest of the day.  Afternoon activities will begin next week and include dance (for Sawyer), if all goes well-a co-op with Spanish, drums (for the boys) and a lot of afternoon fun.

I found it scary last week that it was already time for school to begin.  This week, I am releaved.  Our family has come back together.  The kids are getting along well and playing together every chance they get.  They have started a band (I apologize in advance to all of my neighbors as I put them in the attic to try to stifle some of the “music”).  They are planning a fairy garden and a fall vegetable garden.  They are giving input on things they want to research and getting excited about the year.  Let’s hope the excitement continues.

It seems most children have officially begum school at this point in the year.  I hope all of your little ones are having a wonderful start in their journey this year as well.  Thank you for taking a few moments from your day to read my blog.  Please, keep the questions and comments coming.  I am always looking for feedback to keep people coming back for more!  Have a beautiful week!

3 thoughts on ““He who is served is limited in his independence.”Maria Montessori

  1. It’s interesting to hear that so many kids are already starting school. Texas doesn’t start school until Monday and I know back home we didn’t start until after Labor Day. It seems like everywhere else in the country is starting so early in comparison to what I’m used to.

    I’d never much thought about Montessori and independence before. We don’t really do “school” here so it’s all a lot of independence. We just go with the flow. We have no classroom, no activities planned, or anything. It’s always interesting to hear of a different perspective on the whole “homeschool” idea. To me the idea of setting up work periods and a school room seems incredibly limiting in my perspective, mostly because my kids work on what they want, where they want, wherever they want (as long as they can respect the house in doing so). You’ve got this wonderfully structured homeschool set-up and plan. I think that’s fantastic! I just don’t think I could ever have the discipline to do that! Isn’t it wonderful how homeschooling means different things to each and every family?


    • Yes, we are a little more structured than I would like to be-however, we are way less structured than my husband would like for us to be. The school room is actually our playroom. The only thing we changed was putting school books in it. The kids enjoy going into the room. Last year (our first year homeschooling), we put the books and school “stuff” in the dining room and used to house. I found myself getting caught in the, “I need to just put the clothes in the dryer…”mode. I think we have now find a healthy balance for us with a little more structure in the morning and more free time to explore and work independently in the afternoon.

      I agree that it is wonderful how homeschooling can mean different things to each and every family. In fact, I have not found any two the same yet. Thank you for your thoughts!


      • That’s kind of the balance in our house too. I’m very unstructured, almost completely unstructured in some people’s opinions. My partner craves a lot more structure in the house. It’s wonderful to see how each family is able to balance out everyone’s needs!


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