January 2022

Welcome to 2022! If the year continues in the same fashion as the month of January, we should be in for quite a ride. Like many others in the world, we started the year off sick. Nick, Parks and I were sick first. Sims and Sawyer came down with it about a week after the rest of us got well. Thus, we started the year and the month off slowly and at home. We did get one short trip to the mountains for some skiing and hiking. We took ALOT of walks and enjoyed the outdoors as much as we could.

Sims spent the beginning of the month prepping for a boat move. He left mid-month to head to Charleston in order to help with the boat prep and pushed off soon after. For the first time, he experienced sea sickness while on board a sailboat (he got sea sick once as a little guy on an offshore fishing boat). It took almost five days before he felt better. During the move, he saw all types of weather, all types of waves, some dolphins, a sea turtle, and a lot of bioluminescence. He and the other three crew members hit Antigua to beautiful skies and weather. So far he is loving Antigua. He has become friends with his dock neighbors. They went diving a few times, and he saw sea turtles, dolphins and an octopus. After a long sail, he is enjoying life on the island for a while.

Sawyer, while looking for experiences in her gap year, found a semester school that spoke to her. In December and early January, she busted a move to fill out the application and get recommendations. In mid January, she found out that she was accepted, and she started prepping. Nick and I dropped her off in the NC mountains where she will attend school through May. So far, she has done an orientation class, started a leadership class, and backpacked for 4 nights. Her group hiked 30 miles during her trip. She learned to make a tarp tent and to do all things that come with backpacking. She said the highlights of the trip were seeing a bald eagle and the amazing sunsets over the mountains. Before she left, she competed in the regional climbing competition and advanced to divisionals. With her new school situation though, she will not be able to attend. She was super excited to have qualified.

Parks’s month started off slow, but then hasn’t stopped. He and Sims tried to hit almost every bike park in the area before Sims left on his trip. They also got in a few ski days before Sims headed out. Parks’s classes didn’t start until the end of the month, so he focused on getting through some math, history, and learning new skills in bike maintenance-including a dropper post installation, rear shock maintenance, derailer tuning, and several other items. He has been rebuilding Bmx and mountain bikes and learning a ton along the way (some great real life applications of his physics class). He is trying to figure out why it means to be an only child for a bit.

I almost forgot that we also got SNOW!! We had a blast playing in the white, fluffy surprise. We have not had a good snow in quite a while, so we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

3 thoughts on “January 2022

    • I know!! It has been so crazy to go from 3-4 kids at the house all the time down to 1! My oldest is in Antigua through March and then moving the boat all around. My daughter is at the outdoor academy in the NC mountains. And my son’s girlfriend who was at the house a lot is off at college and doesn’t have him as a reason to come home as often. I am not sure that my day in life series this year is going to be very exciting! 😂


      • I was very excited to see that trip to Antigua by boat. I want to do that one day myself. Well, a small version of that. And then your daughter away. It just seemed so exotic and exciting! But I was shocked at how quickly it felt like it happened. Like, you had a house full. Then you didn’t! And, oh, heck. Life is always exciting, even when it’s “boring.”

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