Folk tales, saints and animals-oh my!

Each week I am amazed that it is time to write again.  We are through the first half of the month of September.  We started the week with our Waldorf activities.  Sims continued with his animal studies.  He finished his research on kangaroos and started researching grizzly bears.  Sawyer finished St. Jerome and started on St. Christopher.  Parks worked on the letter T with the story of the The Little Men in the Woods. 

Tuesday Sims started his classes at Latta.  He began with a Goecaching, Map and Compass.  Then he headed to Ecology.  He came home super excited and pumped to teach the little kids about making a compass with a paper clip.  While the big kids go their classes, the grown up and littler kiddos headed on a hike and a nature study.  The original plan was to do a class on trees.  The kids chose the trail that they wanted to hike and the spot they wanted to explore.  The adults found a spot and observed the kids as they explored.  The exploration ended in the three of them sitting on a rock and doing a nature study-on their own-without any adult encouragement or contact!  It was a very neat activity to observe.  Then they decided to find the alphabet in the forest.  So far they found the letters P, R, M, A and Y.  Hopefully at the end of the year they will have the full alphabet. 

Wednesday, the excitement continued as we went to Agribusiness Fair in Concord.  The kids had lessons in soil composition, composting, tomatoes, biotechnology, chicken breeding/broiling, goats, and seedlings.  It was a lot of information at one time.  Many times, I thought they were lost.  Turns out they must have been lost in thought. Since Wednesday, they keep discussing and asking questions that pertain to the classes they had.  For instance, while Sims and I were in the backyard he asked me about our soil.  “We have mainly clay particles in our soil because the water does not soak into it quickly and the particles are so small.” 

Thursday, we were back to the books.  We went back through Roman Numerals, began decimals and fractions and did lots of reading.  This week we are going on our first big outing!  Hopefully, the blog will be filled with even more excitement!

Note: In the past, I have used the slide show feature.  In the previous post and this post, the pictures are in a gallery format.  Do you have a preference?  Is one easier or more interesting?  Thanks for the feedback!


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