Woodworking Block

Woodworking Block

Our first block of the new year is finishing up.  Parks worked with wood this month.  He received a set of real tools for Christmas that he wanted to put to use!  The cub scout’s pinewood derby was another nice activity that coincided well with this block.  I used the book, “Woodshop for Kids” by Jack McKee as my starting point.   The author’s introduction explains how to simplify activities and to trust children with real tools.

Then, Parks and I went to the library to get books on tools.  We also looked on Pinterest and through the Woodshop for Kids book together looking for activities.  He chose to make the marble maze, a balloon powered boat, and a top.  I went through the marble maze in a previous post.  Parks and his grand-dad worked on the balloon powered boat this week.  While they were working, I ran the other two kiddos to a class.  When I arrived home, this is what I saw in my kitchen.  LOL.

No one was around but I did hear them in the bathroom.  My first thought, “Ah man, someone cut themselves with the saw!”  Thankfully, I was completely wrong.  They were in the bathroom filling up the tub to run the boat!

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The top was an easy and fun project.  Parks simply cut a dowel and inserted it into a wooden wheel.  It works beautifully and will be even prettier when he finishes painting it!


Of course our lives wouldn’t be right if we didn’t have a spontaneous activity happen that fit within the block!  One afternoon this past week, we attended a class at Latta.  While we were there, one of the staff was cutting bamboo into small pieces in preparation for the Fairy Festival happening in a week.  He gave the kids a lesson on splitting bamboo with a machete, cutting bamboo with a hacksaw and cleaning out the inside.  Each child made a bamboo cup that they have been using all week.

All in all, I believe Parks enjoyed woodworking.  He is ready to work on his own-at least, in his own mind.  🙂

Woodworking-The Marble Maze

Marble Maze

Parks received a set of tools this year for Christmas.  Thus, I thought he would have fun doing a block on woodworking and using his tools.  Well as luck would have it, Sims is taking a Wildlife Biology class on Tuesdays this month which is the day that he used to work with my dad doing physics.  I am sure my dad would love to work with Parks on woodworking-right?

Of course.  🙂  Last Tuesday was their first day working together.  I found a project on The Creative Homemaker blog on how to make a marble maze.  This was the perfect first project.  The first week, ,my dad and Parks worked on measuring out the maze, squares, measuring, and drawing straight lines.  They also used the drill to predrill the holes for the nails.  Parks’ homework was to paint the maze.  We used tape to keep the squares nice and square (this was the only part that I helped with.  I helped him place the tape).

Today, they finished up their maze.  They nailed the roofing nails into each corner.  There are a lot of nails in this project, but Parks got through them all today.  I thought he would need the rest of the week to finish it up.  Adding rubber bands around the nails was the final step.  Parks is very proud of his maze.  He is also very excited about his next project!

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