Winter Spiral 2019

What a beautiful night for the spiral!  I didn’t realize that the date I chose happened to fall on a full moon.  For 2019, we decided to make blessing bags for the local soup kitchen.  One of my friends sewed fleece scarves with pockets that the bags slipped into.  They turned out beautiful.  The kids made cards to go along with the bags.  I didn’t get any photos of the cards.  They brought out the watercolors this year and made some beautiful note cards.  Overall, the night was magical.

Winter Spiral-2017

I really do wish that I could slow down the time.  I do not feel rushed, but the time seems to slip past very quickly.  I am not even sure where the time went between our November celebrations to now-our winter spiral.  The time came for us to host our spiral on Wednesday.

The air was cold.  The wind was gusty.  We had to make some last minute changes to the plan, but in the end-the lights shined beautifully.

We all sat around the fire as I read the story of the lantern prince.  Then, one by one, everyone walked the spiral to light a candle.

We ended the night indoors making cards for those who will receive the boxes of goodies that we made.