Numbers everywhere

It has been two weeks since I blogged.  It seems like too long, but there is not a whole lot to report.  September came to an end with the celebration of Autumn and Michaelmas.  The kids learned all about St. Michael and St.George.  We then started a new block for the month of October because we have a lot going on.  Math can be started and picked back up without losing the story or forgetting a piece of the story.  With our chaotic schedule this month, I thought this would be a good plan.  So now we are off-adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

As a group, the kids are working on skip counting, roman numerals and playing games.  We have found some fun ways to practice math that everyone can participate in.  Card games including war, adding war, subtracting war and multiplication war are a big hit.  They are all enjoying the game of rectangles (a game of multiplication using graph paper), the stamp game (a Montessori game using the stamp game materials), magic squares (an activity with right start math) and shut the box (an old favorite).  Individually, they are each working towards a goal.  Parks is learning the parts of each number (ie-how many ways can you come up with to get the number 10) and adding using the Montessori materials.  Sawyer is getting more fluid with her addition and beginning multiplication.  Sims is reviewing all of the math activities (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in activities with multiple steps.  The best part of this block is the practical applications!  They are working on a quilt.  We are cooking a lot and measuring everything!

The difficult part of this time is trying to keep with our normal rhythm.  We generally wake up, eat, play outside and start school around 830.  During school, we have our morning meeting, individual lessons and independent work, outside time and then lunch.  The kids do really well with this rhythm.  When we are out-of-town or doing an activity, we are not in our rhythm and we are all out of our happy, easy-going ways.  As much fun as we are having with our outside activities, hopefully-November will bring back our rhythm and some peace.