The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go” Dr. Seuss

I feel like I say this a lot-and I will state it once again.  This was a crazy week.  We started the week off at Linville Falls where Dad gave the kids several lessons on erosion.  Of course, this was not officially part of school-but we are nerdy that way.  The kids looked for signs of erosion in the dirt, on the paths, on the handrails, and in the falls.

Checking out the root structure and comparing it to the tree we found last week Erosion Checking out more erosion Learning about water pressure Exploring in the creeks An awesome fairy house Linville Falls

I knew this week was going to be crazy so we just planned on having a project week.  Sims and Sawyer take part in a homeschool book club once a month.  In November, the book club decided to read Pippi Longstockings as the group book.  In addition to Pippi, the kids each picked a book of their choice to read and present to the group.

Sawyer is my mystery reader.  She loves Boxcar Children Books, A to Z Mysteries, and anything with an animal and mystery to solve.  She read constantly.  Her biggest obstacle to this project is to narrow down which book to write about as she has read probably 15 books since the last book club meeting in November.  She finally decided upon a Boxcar Children Book.  She wrote a report and is now making a diorama of the setting.

This is how we find Sawyer most days

Sims, as you know from my previous posts, is not my most ambitious reader typically.  However, this project got him very excited.  He wanted to read a book about Mount Everest (ever since we finished Three Cups of Tea, he has been interested in climbing).  He chose the book Peak.  Peak is a teen fiction book.  He had to get it from the Young Adult section which immediately made me nervous.  Thanks to Learning Ally, he was able to read the whole book.  He was hooked from the time he started it.  Not only did he read it but he also comprehended the whole book.  He wrote a terrific report and is now working on his project.  For those of you with kids with dyslexia, you know the excitement I feel.  After finishing this book, he immediately went to the library to pick out another book on Everest.  Peak

Parks,inspired by his older brother and sister, decided to read his first chapter book.  He decided upon Mercy Watson Goes for a Drive.  He is still reading so he has not decided upon his project but he is ready to start!

Mercy Watson

A cabin for the forest Everest coming to life. The beginning of Everest The lake in the forest They did some dissecting this week too. Examining Class at Latta