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Three weeks of festivals!

Halloween, Martinmas (in addition to a birthday!) and Diwali!

Sawyer’s Poem

The next two posts will be from the kiddos.  I asked them to each write something that they would be okay with going into my blog.  Sawyer chose a poem.  Sims is still deciding.  We will have to wait and see what he decides to post!  Below is a paragraph about how Sawyer came up with her poem followed by her poem.  I have typed her paragraph as she wrote it.

Me and my friend B were sitting on the back porch of my lake houes  I was staring at the waves and I came up with a poem.  My frind laughed at it but I liked my poem and I liked it because usally I cant fiugur out what to right a poem about so I was proud of myself.  And it was a good start and I just know it!

The waves so frisk in movement.

The sun poring down.

It’s a perfect day,

For fall to come this way.

Huddled up in blankets,

As warm as they can be.

I hear their is something coming this way.

It sounds like winter so cold and frisk.

I can hardly believe that it here,

Cause its the most wonderful tome of the year!

Cause sley bells are ringing!

While Sawyer sat writing her poem, we prepared for Martinmas.  We made our second set of lanterns.  The first set we made were simple Chinese lantern.  The second set was rectangular shadow boxes.

The Beauty of Light

My previous post spoke about when the lightbulb goes on for the kids.  Last week, I had my “aha” moment.  I began planning my school year in the summer.  Two holidays I wanted to incorporate into the year were Halloween and Diwali (two of my kids favorite holidays).  As you know, then I also decided to follow a Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum.  In my mind, I thought, “Will I have time to teach Halloween and Diwali in addition to this curriculum?”  Well not only can I teach these two holidays, they fit into the curriculum perfectly.  The Waldorf curriculum celebrates Martinmas and the Festival of Lanterns.  Halloween, Martinmas, and Diwali-all teach about good versus evil and use light as the symbol.  Thus, we have three weeks of celebrating light!

Last week, we began our investigation of light with the history of Halloween.  The kids learned about how the dead are believed to walk the earth on the last day of October (this tradition also fit well with the Norse myths that Sims is studying).  The kids made their jack-o-lanterns to scare away the dead and they dressed up to trick or treat.  This week, they are researching the science behind light and the properties of light.  They are also making lanterns in preparation for Martinmas.

Along the way, the kids are making all of the connections which make learning so much fun.  We are listening to “The Magician’s Nephew” and light seems to be a theme throughout the book, from the presence of it to the lack of it.  The kids noticed the theme right away.  They have also been discussing the moon, the stars and the sun a lot.  Today, they realized (they have always been told this but it clicked today) exactly how the moon reflects light and that it does not illuminate itself.

You will hear more about light in the next post, I am sure.  For now, Happy Halloween and Happy Martinmas-and one of my favorite sayings:

May the light in me, honor the light in you.