Our Holiday Break

Happy New Year Everyone!  I do not have a New Year’s post ready yet.  I am still working on my goals and our plans for 2015.  In the meantime, I figure that I can still write an update on our world.  Many people ask if homeschoolers take a break from schooling and for us the answer is a loud, “YES!”  We look forward to breaks as much as most people.

We lucked out and also got to have Nick home with us for the two week break.  We love having Dad around!  We started our break with a party at Sims’ gymnastics team, and we have been going strong since then!  We ice skated, skied, learned how to throw knives (yes, normal families throw a football on Christmas Day.  Odd ones, throw knives), hiked on the Blue Ridge Parkway, swam, and celebrated the new year.

We are wiped and need a break.  Smile..just kidding.  It is about time to get back into our normal schedule.  I hope you had a terrific holiday as well!

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*On a side note-today we hiked at Latta Plantation with a group.  We went through the Treasure Tree Trail which has a paper guide with information to be read at each marked spot.  Sims volunteered to read at 4 spots.  This may not seem like a big deal for most kids, but for Sims-this was a big accomplishment.  In the past, he has not jumped up to read aloud-EVER!  He still is not a fluent reader, but he did well.  Sawyer also read aloud with some coaxing.  We couldn’t get Parks to step up for a turn, but I am not pushing it.  I know he will surprise me one day by jumping up to read aloud for a group some day as well.