Reviewing my 2014 Goals

On the last day of 2014, I decided to look at my 2014 goals.  I wrote down my goals in January of this year but I really did not look at them again.  I guess writing them down was enough to get them into my subconscious mind.  Here are my 2014 goals:

1. Bring the family together through cleaning.  Cleaning as a goal?  Yep.  I am not so sure how we did on this goal.  It started off pretty well but right now it is in the pits.  LOL.  The kids help daily with the dishes and the pets which is a big help.  However, I am still doing WAY TOO MUCH!  I may have to keep this one as a goal.  Sims and Sawyer are doing better with keeping their stuff organized and put away for the most part.  Parks is still struggling.  He is a collector and does not like to part with things and he plays with everything that he does have.  We also still need to work on decluttering.  You may see this goal again in 2015 with some minor revisions.

2. Get outside daily and with more activity.  I think I did awesome with this goal.  I am outside daily with a walk, a hike or just reading outside.  Overall, the outdoors are essential to me being a happy person-even if I have to suck it up and head out in the cold. (Oh, and I did use my Mountain Mermaid Journal throughout the year!  I still have to order the one for 2015.  Check it out!)

3. Eat more whole foods.  I did well with this goal as well.  The down side of this goal meant a whole lot more cooking!   The kids are doing awesome with eating more fruits and nuts for snacks.  I am learning more about using more in season veggies and cooking methods.  My sister-in-law gave me a cook book called “Clean Food.”  It is an amazing book filled with good recipes and information.  I cook out of it at least once a week-most likely more.  If eating healthier is a goal for you in 2015, I cannot recommend this book enough!

So out with the old and in with the new.  I am now working on my goals for 2015.  How did you do with your 2014 goals?

Get Out the Planner


Have you noticed that everyone is planning for next year?  Well, they are not alone.  I am working away on next year.  I will be teaching second, fourth and sixth grades.  Thus far, I have my goals for each child (they will write their own goals during the first week of school) and my blocks scheduled out.  I am also in the process of finding resources for each block.


Parks (second grade): 1) Read instructions independently 2)Reciprocity in discussions (he likes to take over the discussions) 3) journal 4)begin reading silently 5)work independently for 30 minutes 6)increase his independence with communicating his emotions and needs

Sawyer (fourth grade): 1) Independent with writing a well-thought out and planned paragraph 2) increase in critical thinking  3) increase awareness of cause and effect 4) time management skills 5)Begin vocabulary 6) Learn organization skills essential to learning

Sims (sixth grade): 1) Begin note taking with research 2)increase independence with reading and activities 3)time management skills 4)Vocabulary 5)Independent with writing a well planned 5 paragraph paper 6) Journaling


3 weeks-form drawing and geography (Sims-Europe, Sawyer- North Carolina, Parks-World)  Everyone will do this block together; however, they will each focus on a different area.

6 weeks- Sims will do business math.  Sawyer will do her first man/animal block and Parks will do heroes and saints.

8 weeks- Sims will work on Rome.  Sawyer will work on the Norse myths and fractions.  Parks will work on folk tales and time.

6 weeks- group block on geology and biomes.

6 weeks- Sims will work on Medieval Times.  Sawyer will complete her second man/animal block and Parks will work on animal legends.

5 weeks-group block on physics.

In addition to the blocks, each child has daily work.  They will all be using Teaching Textbooks for math, growing with grammar for language skills, and  apples and pears for spelling.  In addition to this, they will read and journal daily.

Once I get more specifics on each block, I will get them posted.  How are your plans going for next year?  If you have any ideas on the above blocks or grade levels, I would love to hear them!

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Jim Rohn

Every year (at least for the past three years and we hope to keep up the new tradition), our family attends the LEAF festival in Black Mountain, NC.  The LEAF festival is a family friendly, art and music festival. The short four-day camp out always leads to fun times.  The festival has several different areas, including a terrific kids area.  The children took a lessons on aerial dance, magic, hula-hooping, rocket making/launching, airplane making and I am sure there are a few things they picked up that I am not aware of.

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Every year in the kids area, there is a children’s market place where children may sell items that they have made themselves.  My kids love this area and always say that they are going to sell something.  Well, this year that actually happened!  They came up with a plan to sell bows and arrows.  They went to a party this summer and learned how to make the bows.  We went to Lowe’s and started shopping.  The plan started getting expensive, so they altered it a touch.  Originally, they planned to make large, 44 inch bows; however, after pricing the material out, they came up with a plan to make smaller bows.

IMG_2486 IMG_2487

They managed the budget very well.  I gave them a loan to purchase the materials.  They returned some unused items and kept track of the money that they owed me.  Next, they went to work.  Making bows required measuring, cutting with a hacksaw, cutting with pipe cutters and a lot of pure strength to actually string the bow.  Originally, they thought making the bows was going to be the toughest part of the job.  They had no idea about the selling part!

In all they made 30 small bows and 4 large bows.  They had to pay $4/child/day to sell in the market.  They started to get nervous as they saw their profit decrease.  They spent about 3 hours on Saturday selling the bows.  To sell, the kids had to stay in their area and actually market their product.  It was fun to watch.  Sawyer was quite the salesman.  Sims was totally out of his comfort zone and Parks was along for the ride.  They did a terrific job and sold all but 10.  Sawyer and Parks decided to go back on Sunday to sell the rest.  It only took them an hour to close out their merchandise.

They came home very excited about their endeavor.  Overall, they each made a little bit.  They were able to pay me back my loan.  And they donated $60 to the local animal shelter.  We went Monday morning to donate the money.  They were very excited to share their story with the employees and volunteers at the shelter.


Of course, we also ended up coming home with another pet to add to our zoo!