Grade 5 Geometry Block

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I am going to try to get caught up on my blogs now that I had a short break!  January feels like it was years ago right now!  Sims spent January working on some geometry in a fun hands on block.  We started off the block by looking at how he can make shapes without using straight edges and a compass.  The first shape he made was a circle using a rope and a person in the center.  I asked him to figure out how to make a circle that would take up the majority of the driveway.  He did an excellent job and that took us right into the many vocabulary terms that go with circles and angles and shapes.  We followed the fifth grade Waldorf Essentials books pretty closely with this block.


New Blocks in the New Year

Well, the new year has begun with a bang!  This was one of those weeks that flew by in some ways and took forever in other ways.

On the academic side, each child is starting a new block.  Parks, first grade, is focusing on reading fluency.  Thus, he is reading a lot of fun stories including Fred and Ted Like Flying and The Bathtub Pirates.  He also is officially using a spelling curriculum.  He just started Book A of Apples and Pears.  Sawyer, third grade, is doing her last block on the Old Testament.  The Old Testament is not her favorite and she is ready to start a new block after only one week, so I am trying to get inventive for the next couple weeks to strike her interest.  Sims, fifth grade, started his freehand geometry block this week.  I am thoroughly enjoying the circles that we are doing right now.  This week has been a terrific introduction to circles and an intro into the vocabulary that will go with it next week.

On the extracurricular side, everyone’s activities are in full swing.  Parks started winter swim team, is finishing up his basketball season and continues with gymnastics.  Sawyer is performing this weekend in The Wizard of Oz at our local theatre, starting the gymnastics team at our local YMCA, and continuing to dance.  Sims continues with tumble and trampoline and gymnastics.  In between all of the running around this week, we did manage to get out and play in what was left of the ice.

Hopefully, we will get back into our groove soon.  This week felt out of sorts and crazy.