Thanksgiving 2019

Another year to be grateful for.  Thanksgiving went a little differently this year. Parks and I got the flu the week before Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, we still had it on the Monday before Thanksgiving so we had to make some quick changes.  The location moved from our house to my parent’s lake house.  Everyone had to pitch in to make side dishes.  Tables had to be rented to fit all of the people.  Somehow, it all came together.  There was a nice crew at the actual dinner.  Parks and I ate dinner at home on the back porch and then went for a short walk.

By Friday, Parks and I were feeling better although Parks got a sinus infection.  Friday and Saturday, we hung out with family on the lake and played a little bit.  By Saturday night, Parks was back to not feeling well and ended up with pneumonia (I think we may have played a little too hard).

I hope everyone had a terrific start to the holiday season!

Weekly Wrap Up with Gratitude

Thanksgiving week typically flies by in a hurried frenzy.  However this year, we took a different route.  We kept it small and quiet.  Monday, the kids and I hit Latta Plantation (one of our favorite places) for a nice walk in the woods.  Tuesday, we hit the books before a drive down to Charlotte for an early Christmas surprise for my parents.  Wednesday, everyone went in separate directions-Sims went climbing at Pilot Mountain with some friends; Sawyer went to help with Thanksgiving set up at one of her friend’s grandmother’s house; and Parks had an impromptu s’mores party at the house.  Thursday, we spent at the lake house with just our immediate family giving thanks for all.

We ended the week celebrating Sawyer’s birthday by heading up to Asheville, NC.  She and a friend took a glass class at the NC Glass Center.  Sawyer loved her glass class last year and wanted to do something similar.  This time, they used the blow torches (I know that is not the technical term, but it is what they looked like) to make pendants and ice cycles.  Then we went to see the new Fantastic Beasts movie!

LEAF 2017!

For the past 7 years, our family has gone to the LEAF festival in Black Mountain, NC.  Personally, I LOVE this festival.  There are no phones, no agendas, and no obligations.  There is art, music, crafting, food (oh, the food), classes, people watching, fun activities, and family time.  Sawyer and Parks also work on craft items to sell at the kids area each year, which is a lot of fun to watch.  Even though not much changes year to year at the festival, each year is a completely new experience with so many new memories.