Brave Writer Essay Prep Dynamic Thinking

Are you looking for a writing class for a reluctant writer? Or do you want your child’s writing class to be different/better than the typical writing class? I was!

We have been through a TON of writing programs-IEW, Writeshop, Essentials in Writing…..They are all great and teach the basics of writing a 5 paragraph paper.   The result was….well, a boring five paragraph paper.

My oldest just dreads writing.  DREADS it!! However, he is a pretty creative writer and comes up with good ideas.  Getting those ideas on paper is extremely tough and takes some work (this is the dysgraphic brain kicking in).

For years, I have been reading the Brave Writer blogs and using the book club packets from Brave Writer.  I have the Writer’s Jungle Book and have done several activities through it, but that was about it until this year.  I looked at the online classes and decided to take the plunge.  The classes are pricey in my opinion which was my biggest hesitation.

Thankfully, the class was AMAZING!  We started with an essay prep class even though he can write a five paragraph paper.  I wanted my oldest to be completely independent with getting his thoughts down (I wanted to be out of the picture completely-although, I did keep up with the class on my own).  The class had generally 3 writing assignments per week and reading everyday.  None of the assignments were overwhelming or crazy time consuming.  The best part for my oldest was using a timer to write.  I have suggested this time and time before, but when it was actually part of the assignment, he loved it.

I am looking forward to the next essay prep class on research.  He starts that one next week.


(FYI-I do not receive any compensation or anything for writing this.  It is simply a review of a class that we took)

Grade 3 Planning

I am still in the middle of planning but I have finished Grade 3!  Parks, the youngest kiddo, will begin third grade in September.  The themes for third grade that I plan to cover include cooperation and confidence.  Here are his goals (I make the initial goals and he will add more at the beginning of the year):

  1. Find a method for getting thoughts onto paper.
  2. Work independently for 30 minutes.
  3. Understand the concept of multiplication and division and apply to practical life.
  4. Find and utilize effective strategies to reduce anxiety and increase self confidence.
  5. Work in groups effectively.
  6. Investigate how the environment effects the choices made on shelter, food and clothing.

4 weeks Mr. Popper’s Penguins to focus on writing and dictation using Brave Writer.

4 weeks Shelters focusing on how we protect ourselves, different types of human shelters, animal shelters, and Native American shelters

4 weeks on Farmer Boy by Wilder focusing on writing nature studies and dialog using Brave Writer

3 weeks on Giving focusing o being selfless and giving.

4 weeks on creation stories

4 weeks on Where the Mountain Meets the Moon focusing on heroes and writing a journey using Brave Writer

4 weeks on building with a final building project

4 weeks on cooking to focus on practical math and writing commands (recipes)

2-3 weeks on farming with a focus on field trips and hands-on farming

In addition to the blocks, Parks will be working through Daily Math problems, Spell Well spelling, copy work and memory work.  I also plan to have each child present something they are working on every week or every other week to our family or homeschool group (I am still working on this concept).