“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” Martin Luther King Jr

How do I not quote such an unbelievable and amazing man in my blog this week? The quote in my title sums up so much of what I want my kids to get out of school and life.  I do not think education stops in young adulthood but continues on throughout life (I know mine has-as my husband laughs that I have been in school for the majority of the time that he has known me and now I am still learning as I teach my kiddos).  I also never want my kids to take something at face value.  I want them to investigate, reasearch and come up with their own conclusions.

A week full of thinking is what my kids experienced too.  As I posted last week, they have all been reading and reading.  Usually, reading is followed up by discussion.  This week, however, reading was followed up with a presentation!  Sims presented the book Peak by making a paper mache Mt.Everest, dressing up as Peak, and writing a beautiful report.  Sawyer presented The Mystery of the Lake Monster with a diorama of the lake, lodge and forest-complete with monster prints and a paper written about her book.  Parks was not sure he was going to make it to book club this week since he had not finished his book.  He got up this morning early-on his own-and asked if I would sit with him to finish the book.  He was so proud that he did it!  He presented the book with a car that he made and a discussion of the book-his first presentation ever!  The kids really took ownership of these presentations.  I was quite impressed.  The all dressed up to present their books and did a terrific job (yes, I know I am completely biased).

The kids are also taking an art class at the Community Arts Project.  Each week they learn about a different artist and create with the artist in mind.  So far, they love the class.  They have also met some new friends in the class.  One friend, in particular, has a blog.  The kids know that I have a blog too so it fascinated them that kids can have blogs too.  Well, they researched how to write a blog, and they have each come up with their own blog.  If you have a moment, go check them out.  Hopefully, they will be able to keep them up.

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