“No great man lives in vain…. “

“…The history of the world is but the biography of great men.” Thomas Carlyle

Biographies were the theme of the week in this house!  The kids participate in a book club at our local library.  The kids are very motivated by the book club and truly enjoy it.  Typically, the children read a specific book, and the librarian brings an activity related to the book for the kids to participate in.  Then once a semester, the kids get to pick a book and produce a project based on the book.

For November, the children had to pick a book from the “Who was..” book collection.  The collection is fun and easy to read.  Normally, I let my kids decide the book.  However this time around, I chose the book.  Sawyer read about Ann Frank (to go along with her Judaism studies).  Sims read about King Tut (to prepare him for studying about Egypt in the next semester) and Parks read about Johnny Appleseed (I just thought he would enjoy this biography).  Reading the books was the easy part.  We utilized audibles.com as well as the paper books (unfortunately, these books are on not on learningally.com).

Next, I used the books as a gateway into a writing project.  The kids had no idea.  First I gave them a graphic organizer to write in as they read.  Next we used the IEW’s method of writing notes using three to four words per line.  Finally, they used the information to write their finished products.  Parks made a poster with his facts.  Sims and Sawyer each wrote a three paragraph paper on the person whom they researched.  The process went so smoothly.  I thought they would fight me on writing the paper, but they didn’t even hesitate.  Not even one complaint about writing a rough draft and a final copy.

The final part of the project was the presentation.  They were all nervous, but they did a terrific job.  The children in the book club are very supportive of one another.  All of the presentations were different and fun.  I was so proud of all three of my guys.  Another benefit of homeschooling-I got to witness the entire process, including their final presentation.