Where Did We Go? September and October 2020

My last post was quite a while ago! I kept thinking that I would have time to sit down, but it didn’t seem to happen. One event that I did not post about in my last blog was a big house project. In my mind, the house project would not effect school. Boy was I wrong! I also thought that the project would not include as much of my time-again-WRONG!

We moved out of our house from the end of July until the end of October. We are still getting stuff put together and moved back in. We LOVE the changes that we made to the house and we are just now getting into our “school rhythm.”

September and October were busy! We had between 150 and 200 monarchs this year. They came very late. I was ecstatic to see them and to share them with my neighbor and the kids again.

Sims sailed like crazy. We stayed at my parents’ lake house during the renovation so he got to enjoy living on the water and close to his boat. He is also full go into all of his classes and is doing well. He is working on managing his time among school, work, sailing, climbing and college applications.

Sawyer is finding this year to be ALOT of school work! Her classes involve more writing this year than in years past. Luckily, she is able to still find time to paint, design (she designed and made her Halloween costume which was AWESOME!), climb and read.

Parks is getting into the groove still of school. He thrives on a rhythm and our lack of one over the last two months has been tough. The lake house also does not have a good spot to skate, so we have had to make lots of trips to the skatepark. He has learned several new skills on his board over the past two months which is pretty impressive since he did not have spot to practice a whole lot.

Luckily, we are back home and hopefully, we will get back to “normal.” We are missing our friends as some moved away, some started dual enrollment at the local community college and some are just simply busy with life. We are looking forward to getting back to hiking and enjoying the beautiful fall weather that we have here in NC!