Week One

Nick and I recently made the decision to begin homeschooling Sims in January after the holiday break.  Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the change occurred a little sooner than planned.

As adults, we understand how much stress we have when we do not feel confident in our situation.  Imagine that you are doing a new job-one that you know that you can do but you are unable to keep up with because you have recently broken your arm.  You keep trying to finish your job each day but each day you are unable to completely finish your project.  Then you go to work and you are told that your job location is changing and you have to move to a new city.  Now you have to continue to figure out how to complete your work with your broken arm, catch up/finish your work that you have not completed in the past few weeks due to your slower performance with the broken arm, and learn a whole new area including new people, new bosses and new schedules.  Would this overwhelm you?  I think it would completely overwhelm me as an adult.  Luckily as an adult, I have the tools to deal with these stresses and some control over my situation.

However, a child does not have all of the tools to deal with stress nor does he have the ability to control his situation.  This is where Sims was.  He had a huge change in school this year.  He had to learn a new way to learn (he went from a hands on Montessori school to a mainly auditory learning traditional school).  He was very motivated to make it work and he did all he could in school.  In the end, it took all of his energy to complete his work and he was melting down at home.  The stress was too much.  Then he was told that he had to change classrooms.  This put him over the edge and the decision was made.

Homeschooling began a little sooner than planned.  So far, I think homeschooling will be an exciting journey-yes, I realize we are only in week one so everything is looking blissful.  Sims is a very inquisitive kid.  He is also very self-motivated.  On our first day, we sat down and got to work.  We are doing a good bit of review now, since I am not exactly sure what he has and has not gone over up to this point in third grade.  After two hours, we both looked at each other and said, “what do we do now?”  We literally had gone through everything I had planned on in 2 hours.  I thought it would take all day.

Since the first day, we are starting to figure out a rhythm.  I understand how homeschoolers are always ahead of the game (at least that is what I typically hear).  There is so much time to learn beyond the books.  We get to explore and discover and question which opens up so many doors to learning.  I am looking forward to this next week.  Hopefully, we will be able to keep you posted.  I am hoping, Sims will be willing to blog some also.

We will also have to keep you updated on how the rest of the family is doing with it.  So far, Parks is ok with Sims homeschooling.  He in some ways wishes Sawyer was doing it too so that he does not have to sit in carpool as much (he spends a lot of time in the car waiting in carpool).  However, I think if Sawyer homeschooled too then Parks may be a little sad.  Sawyer keeps asking when she will get to home school.  She is even coming up with her own work in the home school room.  As for Nick, he is supportive and skeptical in a good way that will keep us on our toes!

Week 1 in learning:

1. A and An usage, vocabulary, comprehension strategies, math facts review, multiplication board, learning about the white house, abraham lincoln, slavery and the civil war.