February 2020

So obviously, blogging does not seem to be happening for me lately.  Getting the computer to sit and type is one part of the dilemma.  Sims is taking several online classes and uses the computer ALOT!  I think that we will be on the hunt for another laptop before next year.  In addition to not having the computer much anymore (I have to admit that I do not miss it at all), time is seriously flying by.  February had a few parts to it, so I will break the month down a bit.

Sims worked through his courses-Algebra II, Ted Talks, Physics, and a college prep dual enrollment class.  He has been sailing a good amount and working on sailboats.  We also worked on his accommodations for the ACT in April.  *Note to everyone needing accommodations-do this VERY, VERY early.  You need all of your testing already done, a learning plan, and documentation from someone other than yourself. As a homeschooling parent, this process was a bit overwhelming and took a lot more time than I expected.


Sawyer worked through Marine Biology, Algebra I, World History, and English.  As far as school goes, Sawyer is LOVING marine biology.  The labs are fun (although we have to wait on a couple for the crayfish to come out of hiding in the creeks).  She learned some really cool tricks on her Lyra that she got for Christmas.

Parks worked on decimals in math, the Outsiders book, Latin word roots, and woodworking.  He completed his longboard which he was super proud of.  He also got in quite a bit of snowboarding.

In med-February, the older two kids and I went to check out a couple of colleges.  Sims requested to go look at a few schools in January.  He did a terrific job with setting up the college tours, meetings with admissions personnel, and sailing teams.  We did quite a bit of driving over four days and learned quite a bit about what the kids like and don’t like in schools (or what they think they like and don’t like).  We also got to do some nature study at the beach where we saw dolphins playing and a green sea turtle.

The end of the month included a climbing competition in Virginia and the end of the snowboarding season for Parks.