March 2022-The UK, St.Thomas,NC Version

I am not sure what happened to March. The month was crazy and yet not so crazy! The month started off with Sims in St.Thomas vacationing after working since January 12th. His girlfriend met him in St.Thomas. They explored the island and St.John. They swam with sea lions, sea turtles and dolphins. They sailed. Overall, I think they had a pretty good trip.

Parks and I started the month off pretty typical. He did school and biked. He went to a new downhill park that he was excited to try out, and he hit another goal. He gapped a 50 foot jump. He also went and spoke with a local bike shop about working. They told him to apply online which required him to write a cover letter and a resume. I love it when academic learning is applicable to real life. We also got to zoom with Sawyer which was almost surreal. Sims and Catherine were in the Caribbean-Sawyer was in the NC mountain and the rest of us were are home.

Next, Sims flew home for two weeks before flying back to the Caribbean where he will be through the first week in April. He sailed in a regatta in St.Thomas and then moved the boat to the British Virgin Islands. From there, he will go to St.Barts and then to St. Martin before he sails home.

Parks went on the next big adventure this month. He headed to England with some friends for three weeks. While he was there, he learned a great deal about life in a new village. The host family graciously lent him a bike which he rode all over the village and the adjoining villages. The joke by the end of his time there was that as they walked through town, people yelled across the street-hey Parks, how are you doing today? He found two skateparks within biking distance, a mountain bike course, a farm with some farm fresh goodies, and the local food market which he visited daily. He also went to Warwick castle and several other historical landmarks in Leicestershire. The trip ended with a visit to London where he went on the London Eye, saw the London Bridge, the Bridge Tower, Big Ben, the Royal Crowns, and lots of parks. Then he flew home on his own while the friends he went with headed back to the village of Quorn to stay for the next few months. I am still shocked and amazed that he went on this trip. When I asked if he wanted to go, I never thought that he would say yes. He did an terrific job of exploring a new place on his own.

While the boys were off in different countries, Sawyer was still off at school. The month of March brought some beautiful weather. She had her midterms this month and her second backpacking trip. This trip was a bit warmer but not much! On the week that they went, our temperature dropped! Her class also had a couple of field trips with some spectacular views and a very muddy field day!.