A Day in the Life- 2022

So much change from one year to the next! I wasn’t sure whether or not to even write a day in the life post until I read through the posts on Simple Homeschool, and I was motivated. My days this year are fairly quiet and frankly, quite boring at this point in time. I am trying to embrace the slowness of the days and find the lessons to be learned from slowing down. Typically, I actually write about each day during the week. This year I am going to write about a typical day as the days are almost identical right now. Last year, I only wrote about one day as well.

I usually awake around 7 am. First things first-feed the animals and sit with my thoughts for a few minutes. Then I take the dog for a walk. These days, Nick has been joining me on my walks. If he isn’t with me, I listen to an audiobook.  When I return, Parks is usually getting up and starting his morning routine which includes chores, showering, eating and getting ready for his day. I eat breakfast and then hit the gym. I learned this year that I had high blood pressure and an aneurysm in my thoracic aorta; thus, I am being a bit selfish right now and truly focusing on my physical, mental and emotional health. 

While I am at the gym, Parks either meets with his tutor via zoom or works on homework. I’m the past and throughout the years, I was the main teacher for my kids. Parks requested that he work with other teachers as we tend to butt heads when it comes to school. Hence- the tutor. She is an amazing lady whom Parks loves and respects. His confidence in school in thriving this year.
Once I am back home, Parks and I generally discuss what he went over or is working on and our plan for the rest of the day. He then hits the books again before lunch while I do work around the house. 
Most days, Parks makes lunch around 1230, and we either watch an episode of United Shades of America or research the subject from a previous episode. We are using this as a base for his history this year. 
After lunch, Parks generally works on his bike, does something creative such as wood working, or works- he mows a neighbors‘s lawn each week and pet sits for a few people as needed. Today he is applying for a job at a bike shop so he worked on his resume and writing a cover letter. 

By 3, we are off to whatever the day holds/ climbing practice, mountain biking, or errands. He is very focused on biking this year so we spend quite a bit of time at bike parks. I love hiking so I usually hike and pray that he doesn’t get hurt while he rides. We enjoy the sunset most days before heading back home for dinner. 

The evening as are quiet. We eat dinner and watch a show or do laundry. Nothing too exciting. Many nights I sit and work on my journal (I still journal in my daily musings book by the mountain mermaid studios). Then dishes and off to bed by 10 or 11. 

I do hear from my other two daily. Sims keeps me up to date with his activities through what’s app. He is still working in the Caribbean moving sailboats and working on his real estate’s license. Sawyer is off at school. Her days are busy and vary day to day. She is up every morning by 7 to hike and goes all day until 10 at night. She says that she is doing more school work than she has ever done. She is learning about communal living and all that comes with it.