2019/2020 Year-End Review-Sawyer

First-year of high school-check! Sawyer just finished up her first official year of high school-she took a couple high school classes last year. This year tested her limits with scheduling her school work and pacing herself on projects. She did fantastic throughout the year until the world went on lockdown. You would think that since she had more time that she would bust through her work, unfortunately, she struggled without a schedule and it took her a little while to find her groove again. In the end, she powered through and finished everything up! Here is what she did this year:

Sawyer and I worked together on her language arts this year. We used the Oak Meadow Language Arts as our base and made it our own. The theme that we followed was the hero’s journey. She read The House of the Scorpion and Into the Wild as her main books to go along with the theme. She also completed a class through Next Level Homeschool on the Hero’s Journey.

For math, Sawyer took Algebra I through Mr.D math. Sims did Mr.D math with a live instructor. Sawyer did not want the live version and did the self-paced. Overall, the self-paced worked well; however, she found that when she got behind it was tough to catch back up.

Science was by far Sawyer’s favorite subject this year. Her goal was to take Marine Biology. I felt that she really needed to have basic biology before she went into marine biology. Thus, she completed two sciences this year! She worked hard and truly focused to complete biology 1 during the first semester. She used the Friendly Biology curriculum and loved it. The labs were great and the whole curriculum was very user friendly. She also was able to delve deeper into subjects that captured her interest. She also did a class with me at co-op called Medical Investigations that took the anatomy and physiology that she learned and made her apply it to medical scenarios. The class turned out to be one of my favorites this year. During the second semester, she completed the Marine Science 101 class from Ocean First Education. I think this was her favorite course as she discussed the things she learned about ALOT! This course was self-paced like her math class, but the motivation was much higher. We still would love to get to a couple of aquariums for her to do some more hands-on with her new knowledge, but with things closed that hasn’t happened yet. We did get through quite a few of the labs and will probably finish them up over the summer.

Sawyer is a history buff. She loves history and didn’t feel that she needed to go back over all of world history like the text book does. She wanted to focus more on a few areas. Thus she learned about World War II, apartheid in South Africa, civil rights in the world, Chinese history and more. She did her main projects on WWII as she delved into this topic the most. In addition to using a text book, she watched several movies and documentaries and read The Diary of Ann Frank and Born a Crime.

For health and PE, Sawyer did an eclectic mix of things. The co-op had official PE classes each week and health classes that taught wellness, mindfulness, nutrition, psychology, personality, cooking and so much more. She also wanted to progress in her fitness with her aerial silks and lyra. She did quite a bit of research on this and has made amazing strides! It is really cool to watch her.

Last but not least, Sawyer completed a credit in art. Sawyer went to an art intensive camp last summer at UNCG and learned several new techniques. She found that she loved block printing. She also found out that the wheel looks much easier than it actually is. In addition to the camp, Sawyer took an art class on watercolors to learn some new techniques. Overall, her art curriculum covered pottery, watercolors, mixed media, acrylics, pen and ink, textiles and more.

In addition to school, Sawyer took driver’s education and got her permit. She continues to climb on the local climbing team. She. did not find a new band as her schedule was too busy. She started an art club this year which she continued throughout this year. Sawyer’s creativity and enthusiasm for life exploded this year. She sees beauty in everything!