April 2023

I find life so interesting the way sometimes the time goes by so fast and at other times it creeps by. March flew by. April crept. We had some fun things in April, such as Sawyer’s senior photos, Easter, Sims’s 20th birthday, and some beautiful spring weather!

Other than that, Sawyer and Parks are still plugging along on their school work. Sawyer gave her last speech in her public speaking class. She has two more big presentations-one in Spanish and one in sociology. Parks is almost done with geometry. He finished up his world history this month and started on a new class through Open Tent Academy called, “Ten Terrific TED Talks.” Sims took this class and loved it. So far, Parks is enjoying it as well.

In their “free” time, Sawyer and Parks continue to work at their jobs-Sawyer at a plant nursery and Parks at a bike shop. They are also both still climbing on the climbing team. They had one climbing competition in Asheville.


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